Tier 5 Troops

Tier 4 Troops

Tier 3 Troops

Tier 2 Troops

Tier 1 Troops

Troops Trained:
Power: Troop Train Boost:
Stone: Total Training Time:
Wood: Tier 1 Event Points:
Ore: Tier 2 Event Points:
Food: Tier 3 Event Points:
Silver: Tier 4 Event Points:
Tier 5 Event Points:
Resource Reduction
T1 T1 Inf. T1 Ran. T2 T2 Inf. T2 Ran.
T1 Cav. T1 Siege T2 Cav. T2 Siege
T3 T3 Inf. T3 Ran. T4 T4 Inf. T4 Ran.
T3 Cav. T3 Siege T4 Cav. T4 Siege

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