Odin Core Set

Odin Secret Core Set is the Ethereal Armor cores.  It is used for Wonder fights using infantry and cavalry troop types.

  • Ethereal Armor: (Armor)
    • Seekers Armor Core
    • Ethereal Armor
    • Ethereal Armor
  • Ethereal Edge: (Weapon)
    • Seekers Edge Core
  • Ethereal Greathelm: (Helmet)
    • Seekers Greathelm Core
    • Ethereal Greathelm
  • Ethereal Greaves: (Foot Armor)
    • Seekers Greaves Core
    • Ethereal Greaves
    • Ethereal Greaves
  • Ethereal Protection: (Accessory)
    • Seekers Protection Core
    • Ethereal Protection

Ethereal Armor

Ethereal Edge

Ethereal Greathelm

Ethereal Greaves
(Foot Armor)

Ethereal Protection

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Total Boosts Grey White Green Blue Purple Orange
{attribute}Odin Core Set{/attribute} {grey} {white} {green} {blue} {purple} {orange}
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Items Required

Set Gear

Base Set Bonus
Troop Attack Bonus 20%
Full Set Bonus
Troop Health Bonus 100%
Maximum Set Bonus
Extra Bonus 25%
Special Base Bonus 209.25%
Extra Bonus 100%
Special Base Bonus 837%

Hero Skill Tree

Orion Wonder Fighting Hero Skill Tree

Target Recommendations


Item Recommendations

  • Troop Attack
  • Troop Attack Debuff
  • March Size Increase
  • March Speed Boost

Recommended Gems

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When selecting Gems for Wonder fights its best to select those gems that will provide greatest Troop Attack, Troop Health, and Troop Attack Debuff.

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