Troop Load

Img Name LV6 Boost Type Slot
Gear Category
Acheron Halberd 36% Gear Weapon
Alexander's Armor 36% Gear Armor
Alexander's Boots 36% Gear Foot Armor
Antler Helm 10% Gear Helmet
Apollo's Armor 36% Gear Armor
Arbalest 36% Gear Weapon
Arming Cap 9% Gear Helmet
Atlatl 18% Gear Weapon
Boulder Shield 50% Gear Weapon
Caestus 18% Gear Weapon
Cerberus' Paw Shoes 30% Gear Foot Armor
Charm Bracelet 20% Gear Accessory
Chiton 18% Gear Armor
Cuisse 15% Gear Foot Armor
Demeter's Spear 50% Gear Weapon
Diana's Bow 36% Gear Weapon
Elephant Headdress 52% Gear Helmet
Endromis 12% Gear Foot Armor
Fiery Necklace of Harmonia 33% Gear Accessory
Fist Wraps 9% Gear Weapon
Girdle 18% Gear Accessory
Gloves 9% Gear Accessory
Golden Fleece 60% Gear Armor
Harvest Armor 25.2% Gear Armor
Harvest Helm 20% Gear Helmet
Harvest Pants 15% Gear Foot Armor
Haunted Boots 25% Gear Foot Armor
Haunted Fishnet Leggings 14.2% Gear Foot Armor
Hephaestus' Anvil 32% Gear Accessory
Hermes Winged Armor 66% Gear Armor
Hermes Winged Bracers 41% Gear Accessory
Hermes Winged Flight 100% Gear Helmet
Hermes Winged Helm 64% Gear Helmet
Hermes Winged Sandals 46% Gear Foot Armor
Hermes Winged Staff 58% Gear Weapon
Horned Helm Of Plenty 6.8% Gear Helmet
Ice Boots 18% Gear Foot Armor
Jack-O'-Lantern Helmet 57% Gear Helmet
Jerkin 12% Gear Armor
Knimis 15% Gear Foot Armor
Kranos 54% Gear Helmet
Lamellar Armor 15% Gear Armor
Leather Armor 16.8% Gear Armor
Leather Boots 6.6% Gear Foot Armor
Leather Leggings 7.8% Gear Foot Armor
Leather Sandals 14.4% Gear Foot Armor
Leather Shoulder Armor 18% Gear Armor
Leather Skirt 6.6% Gear Foot Armor
Leather Trousers 9% Gear Foot Armor
Lorica Hamata 19.2% Gear Armor
Meliae's Greatstaff 36% Gear Weapon
Mummified Boots 21% Gear Foot Armor
Nemes 53% Gear Helmet
Oak Clogs 18% Gear Foot Armor
Ocrea 42% Gear Foot Armor
Odysseus's Helmet 36% Gear Helmet
Ornate Tusk 30% Gear Weapon
Pebble Necklace 30% Gear Accessory
Prospector's Armor 150% Gear Armor
Prospector's Sword 185% Gear Weapon
Prospector's Yoke 72% Gear Accessory
Rain Drop Necklace 25% Gear Accessory
Retiarius Armor 16.2% Gear Armor
Ruby Power Glove 50% Gear Weapon
Samnite Armor 43.2% Gear Armor
Satchel 18% Gear Accessory
Scale Armor 30% Gear Armor
Sceptre 24% Gear Accessory
Scroll of Demented Souls 33% Gear Accessory
Shogun's Sashimono 37% Gear Accessory
Sickle Of The Harvest 10.8% Gear Weapon
Soldier's Armor 10.8% Gear Armor
Sphairai 18% Gear Weapon
Sterling Chest 18% Gear Armor
Stone Face Plate 40% Gear Helmet
Sun and Moon 52.8% Gear Weapon
Swine Hat 58% Gear Helmet
Tasset 18% Gear Foot Armor
Thracian Armor 14.4% Gear Armor
Trojan Helmet 16.2% Gear Helmet
Ugly Stick 6.6% Gear Weapon
Vambraces 18% Gear Accessory
Whip 4.6% Gear Weapon
Winged Sandals 17.4% Gear Foot Armor
Alloyed Helmet 60% Gear Helmet
Coin Of The Past 34% Gear Accessory
Deep Sea Armor 60% Gear Armor
Dragonscale Greaves 150% Gear Foot Armor
Dragonscale Helm 125% Gear Helmet
Drinking Horn 290% Gear Accessory
Hydra Leather Armor 85% Gear Armor
Labyrinth Armor 120% Gear Armor
Labyrinth Thread 68% Gear Accessory
Maze Mask 120% Gear Helmet
Stallion's Gallop 100% Gear Foot Armor
Stallion's Hide 200% Gear Armor
Stallion's Mane 150% Gear Helmet
Stallion's Motivation 250% Gear Weapon
Stallion's Warcry 125% Gear Accessory
Winter Gem 25% Gems
Gem of Flight 12.5% Gems
Golem Gem 7% Gems
Lucky Charm Gem 10% Gems ---

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