Trap Attack

Img Name LV6 Boost Type Slot
Gear Category
Accursed Helm 15% Gear Helmet
Axe 5% Gear Weapon
Battle Axe 4.8% Gear Weapon
Battle Standard 5.2% Gear Weapon
Boulder Helm 10% Gear Helmet
Camera Obscura 5% Gear Accessory
Caveman Club 2.6% Gear Weapon
Chained Marble Hammer 35% Gear Weapon
Diana's Bow 24% Gear Weapon
Eyepatch 47% Gear Helmet
Fine Boots 8.2% Gear Foot Armor
Fire Pitchfork 14% Gear Weapon
Gaia's Cuirass 30% Gear Armor
Glacier Shield 18% Gear Weapon
Granite Hammer 16% Gear Weapon
Great Kite Shield 30% Gear Accessory
Hades' Axe 31% Gear Weapon
Half Moon Hood 0.8% Gear Helmet
Harvest Shield 7% Gear Weapon
Haunted Cloak 4.5% Gear Accessory
Haunted Gauntlet 4.5% Gear Accessory
Haunted Ring 13% Gear Accessory
Hector's Armor 36% Gear Armor
Hector's Helmet 24% Gear Helmet
Hector's Sandals 36% Gear Foot Armor
Hera's Polos 17% Gear Helmet
Hogzilla Cape 38% Gear Armor
Hunting Bow Of The Fall 3.5% Gear Weapon
Ice Brigade 36% Gear Armor
Ice Helm 16.5% Gear Helmet
Iron Apron 36% Gear Armor
Jackalope Helm 15% Gear Helmet
Jade Legend 38% Gear Weapon
Javelin 8% Gear Weapon
Kunoichi's Tabi Boots 55% Gear Foot Armor
Lance 7.6% Gear Weapon
Leonidas's Cape 12% Gear Armor
Leonidas's Helmet 12% Gear Helmet
Longbow 7% Gear Weapon
Mallet 5% Gear Weapon
Mammoth Skull 15.8% Gear Helmet
Map 3% Gear Accessory
Map case 5% Gear Accessory
Meliae's Greatstaff 12% Gear Weapon
Morning Star 12% Gear Weapon
Muscle Armor 7% Gear Armor
Pike 4.4% Gear Weapon
Rabbit Helm 10% Gear Helmet
Rabbit's Foot 10% Gear Accessory
Sauroter 7% Gear Weapon
Sceptre 8% Gear Accessory
Scythe 10% Gear Weapon
Secutor Armor 6.6% Gear Armor
Sling 2.2% Gear Weapon
Spider Hairpin 35% Gear Accessory
Spiked Shield 8.8% Gear Weapon
Stone Skull Kilt 19% Gear Accessory
Storm 16% Gear Weapon
Thorax 4% Gear Armor
Throwing Axe 3.2% Gear Weapon
Throwing Spears 5.4% Gear Weapon
Torch 24% Gear Accessory
Tower Shield 12% Gear Accessory
Trident 8% Gear Weapon
Ugly Stick 2.2% Gear Weapon
Undeniably Elite Toes 45% Gear Foot Armor
Velveteen Cape 15% Gear Armor
War Bow 20% Gear Weapon
Web-string Whip Sword 5% Gear Weapon
Xiphos & Shield 12% Gear Weapon
Year of the Sheep Dress 35% Gear Armor
Zeus' Staff 35% Gear Weapon
Cyclops Eye Ring 45% Gear Accessory
Cyclops Mask 50% Gear Helmet
Dragon Bone Armor 65% Gear Armor
Dragon Bone Greaves 55% Gear Foot Armor
Hood of Requiem 20% Gear Helmet
Hoof Boots 54% Gear Foot Armor
Hydra Head Mask 60% Gear Helmet
Iridescent Scale Bracelet 55% Gear Accessory
Wyvern Wings Earrings 55% Gear Accessory
Spiked Greaves 8% Gear Foot Armor
Pallas' Idol   Gear Accessory
Scarab Brooch 38 - 45.6% Piece
Trap Gem 25% Gems
Harvest Gem 12% Gems

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