Siege Attack

Img Name LV6 Boost Type Slot
Gear Category
Achilles' Helmet 24% Gear Helmet
Achilles' Sandals 24% Gear Foot Armor
Achilles's Armor 36% Gear Armor
Arbalest 12% Gear Weapon
Atlatl 6% Gear Weapon
Battleplate 5% Gear Armor
Boulder Shoulder Guard 18% Gear Armor
Breastplate 3.6% Gear Armor
Caveman Club 2.6% Gear Weapon
Cerberus' Paw Shoes 10% Gear Foot Armor
Charm Bracelet 15% Gear Accessory
Crown 11% Gear Helmet
Death Helmet 40% Gear Helmet
Demeter's Spear 20% Gear Weapon
Diamond Pitchfork 23% Gear Weapon
Discus 14% Gear Weapon
Fiery Necklace of Harmonia 33% Gear Accessory
Fire-Tipped Spear 45% Gear Weapon
Gaia's Bracer 24% Gear Accessory
Gauntlet 7% Gear Weapon
Giant Meat Knife 15% Gear Weapon
Glacier Wolf Tooth Necklace 10.5% Gear Accessory
Glowing Mask of Flames 30% Gear Accessory
Harvest Pants 32% Gear Foot Armor
Harvest Ring 15.91% Gear Accessory
Harvest Shield 7% Gear Weapon
Harvest Sword 7% Gear Weapon
Hephaestus' Anvil 25.5% Gear Accessory
Horned Helmet 6.8% Gear Helmet
Ice Gauntlet 9% Gear Accessory
Ice Helm 5.5% Gear Helmet
Ice Sickle 27% Gear Weapon
Kopis 6.6% Gear Weapon
Lance 7.6% Gear Weapon
Mammoth Hide Greaves 20% Gear Foot Armor
Mammoth Skull 10% Gear Helmet
Mask of Ate 10% Gear Helmet
Metal Helmet 6.8% Gear Helmet
Morning Star 24% Gear Weapon
Odysseus's Armor 24% Gear Armor
Ornate Tusk 45% Gear Weapon
Persephone's Bow 30% Gear Weapon
Prospector's Armor 95% Gear Armor
Prospector's Boots 65% Gear Foot Armor
Prospector's Helm 85% Gear Helmet
Prospector's Sword 120% Gear Weapon
Prospector's Yoke 75% Gear Accessory
Quarterstaff 3.6% Gear Weapon
Sauroter 7% Gear Weapon
Secutor Armor 6.6% Gear Armor
Sextant 5% Gear Accessory
Sickle Of The Harvest 8.4% Gear Weapon
Sinteis Warhammer 36% Gear Weapon
Skull Cap 50% Gear Helmet
Skull Helmet 7.4% Gear Helmet
Spiked Armor 8.2% Gear Armor
Spiked Knuckles 3.2% Gear Weapon
Stone Skull Greaves 10% Gear Foot Armor
Velveteen Cape 10% Gear Armor
Alloyed Helmet 59% Gear Helmet
Biting Cerberus Head Boots 50% Gear Foot Armor
Chained Marble Armbands 50% Gear Accessory
Chained Marble Armor 50% Gear Armor
Chained Marble Greaves 40% Gear Foot Armor
Crazy Claw Boots 65% Gear Foot Armor
Cyclops Bone Sword 70% Gear Weapon
Gate of Hell Key 150% Gear Accessory
Hoof Boots 48% Gear Foot Armor
Horned Spear 72% Gear Weapon
Hydra Tail Whip 75% Gear Weapon
Iridescent Scale Armor 75% Gear Armor
Iridescent Scale Legplates 60% Gear Foot Armor
Labyrinth Armor 20% Gear Armor
Well-Traveled Sandals 24% Gear Foot Armor
Elephant Helm Core 65.3 - 81.5% Core Helm
Dhal Shield Core 66.7 - 80.9% Core Accessory
Age Old Bead 24 - 28.8% Piece
Horns of Rage 24 - 28.8% Core Gear Helmet
Siege Gem 25% Gems
Siege Specialist Gem 12.5% Gems

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