The 10 Worst Mistakes You’ll Make in Game of War: Part 1

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The 10 Worst Mistakes You’ll Make in Game of War: Part 1

1. You Forgot to Put Up a Peace Shield

Brushed your teeth? Check. Put your kids to bed? Check. Switch to resource production gear? Check.
Set a peace shield so that you don’t get attacked while you’re offline…

2. You Tapped Too Soon

Relax your fingers before speeding up your research, or your click a 30 day instead of a 3 day.

3. You Attacked Someone You Shouldn’t Have

You’re new to the game and you just attacked a random person in a random alliance because you felt like it.

Later that day you received a mail for someone 100x more powerful than you saying, “WTF you attacking my alliance members for?! You better run and hide and hope I don’t zero you!”


You didn’t know what “zeroing” was so you felt curiously threatened and a little afraid.

4. You Didn’t Research

You spent all your time and resources training troops, only to have millions of troops destroyed from one solo attack.

Here’s a tip: no enemy can destroy research, so focus on that.

Knowledge is power. - Francis Bacon

5. You Didn’t Login Yesterday and Missed Alliance Gifts

You received 13 ruby gifts, 9 platinum gifts, 17 great heron gifts, and world turtle gift yesterday.

Oh, the random free stuff that could have been yours…

6. You Attacked Blind

Look at that guy at a measly 300M power. I think I’ll solo him…

OH SHIT he ate my whole march!

7. You Attacked Without Resetting Your Skill Tree

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A troll keeps sending one troop marches at you, so you decide to burn him real quick.

You send out your march and go back to business as usual, but when you see the attack notification and check the enemy stronghold you realize it’s only smoking and that you forgot to reset your tree…

8. You Port Away from an Incoming Rally

angry mad hate grumpy pissed

You were new to the  game and thought that you could escape the rally by random teleporting away.

Nope… now all your troops have vanished and your stronghold has tiny dead soldiers in it.

9. You Forgot to Use Resource Reduction

sad crying cristiano ronaldo mad frustrated

Your 50% upkeep reduction ended right after you want to bed early, so you woke up to billions of food gone, and your food inventory blinking red.

10. You Crafted in Defense Gear Instead of Salvagers

You knew you were forgetting something after you pressed the craft button.



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Source: Project Game of War


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