Wild T5 Troop Stats and Strength

T5 Wild GoW

Wild T5 research provides players with a max rally size of 30 million and solo march size of 6 million.

Wild T5 Game of War Blog

The last and MOST ANTICIPATED group of Tier 5 Troops has arrived – Wild Fire Troops are here! Gain hot new bonuses for your army, such as massive 30,000,000 TROOP RALLIES, 11,000% more stats for your T5 Troops, and more!

Key Combat Benefits for Wild T5:

Maximum Rally March Size ~ 30,000,000

Maximum Solo March Size ~ 6,000,000


  • 3,000% Elite Troop Attack
  • 3,000% Troop Attack with Hero


  • 1,500% Elite Troop Health
  • 1,000% Troop Health with Hero


  • 1,500% Elite Troop Defense
  • 1,000% Troop Defense with Hero

Upgrade the Training Garrison in your City. Afterward, you’ll be able to:

  • Research WILD Tier 5 Troops in your Wild Combat Research Tree
  • Promote your Troops into WILD Tier 5 Troops in your Training Garrison
  • Create new WILD Troops in your Barracks

Gain incredible rewards for training Wild Tier 5 Troops – watch our Events page for NEW Races, Events, and more!

Get these scorching new Troops now: Vikings, Assassins, Wolf Riders, and Dreadnaughts

T5 Wild GoWT5 Wild RangedT5 Wild Cavalry

New Max Research:

Max Research T5 Wild

Here is the research cost of wild T5 through level 5.

Wild T5 Shard Costs GoW

Training Garrison 19 is a requirements to unlock Wild T5. You will enjoy a faster speed of promotion at TG 19. However, there is no additional resource efficiency.

Here are some battle reports of the first night with Wild T5 research:

This is Ctesse's 30 million rally, nearly full hitting 40 B troops for nearly 40 B power!

Ctesse T5 Rally Reports

3 dagger 10.5 B troops burning for 1 b troops to 25 m rally.

3 Dagger T5 Wild Rally

MGd had 3 more zeroes like this on three dagger players with around 10 B troops.

Wild T5 Rally Dagger Report

Ctesse and [ONE] is on a rampage moving from Kingdom to Kingdom testing the limits of the new rally size!  Beware!

30 M Wild T5 GoWCtesse biggest hit 50B

Heads up small dagger traps!

50 B Rally T5 Wild GoW

The Reign of Kinoichi Kunai may truly be over!


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