Track Sneaky Players by Blocking Them

blocking users

This is a shorter tip than usual, but it can come in handy in a few different situations.

Blocking Players to Track Them

If you are trying to keep track of a player who may change their name, blocking them is your best option.
There are a couple of reasons an enemy might change their name:

  1. An account was scammed and the scammer doesn’t want other players to to recognize the account.
  2. They are trying to impersonate another player
  3. They are trying to spy on your alliance
  4. They are trying hide in the kingdom without being quickly recognized (usually higher power players)

How To Block Someone

Go to their player profile > manage > block user

How To View Your Blocked Players

Go to more > blocked users

Counteracting Spies

Have every new member do an introduction and mark that introduction as a favorite so the mail doesn’t get deleted. Then, if the need ever arises, you can go back through your favorites and block them.
The introduction isn’t solely because you think everyone’s out to get you, it’s a great team building exercise. However, a leader always tries to remain a couple steps ahead.

Tracking Alliance Members Who Might Be Spies

Use a farm account in your alliance to track sketchy members that you still need to talk to on a regular basis. “Keep you friends close and your enemies closer.”
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