Rallying - Guide to Debuffing


Rallying - How Much Debuff to Use

In order to penetrate the absurd amount of traps popping up lately, you need to have your debuff stats dialed in appropriately. More specifically, you will need to use them to zero out your enemy's stats. The latest sets that are coming have ridiculously high debuff stats in order to allow bigs to penetrate t2:t4 traps. The following tests were done by gowcraft.com and provide a great look at the effectiveness of debuff, and what you results you can expect. For each attack, the result and lesson will be explained. Pay special attention to the lessons learned from each test so you can fundamentally understand the way the game needs to be played.

Setting up the Test

Attacker: Is using a custom core set, ungemmed, that has base stats of: 3200 Attack (Cav and Troop) 495 Defense Debuff 400 Health Debuff 330 Ranged Defense Debuff 100 Ranged Health Debuff Defender: Is 12b in power, has 300m T2/T3/T4 mixed troops, and sent his hero to the attacker to minimize his stats for more precise testing. 499 Defense 358 Health 262 Ranged Defense 60 Ranged Health Each Attack: The attacker sends 500K cataphracts. After each attack, the defender rebuilds the troops lost so that the experiment is controlled.

First Attack

The stats for the attacker and defender as the same as above. Result: Massive Defeat! - 3498 killed Lesson: Don't attack enemies with large troops counts if your stats do not "zero out" the enemy's defense (reduce the enemy's defensive stats to zero).

Second Attack

The attacker increased his defense debuff to 520 (vs the defender's 499 defense), while keeping the other stats the same. Result: Massive Defeat! - 4350 killed Lesson: Troop defense debuff resist is not a flat subtraction from the defense. If it were, passing the defenders 499 troop defense would have resulted in a burn, or a much closer spread. This will be explained further below.

Third Attack

The attacker increased his defense debuff to 625, while keeping all other stats the same. The number was chosen because a 20% troop defense debuff resist by the enemy will remove 125 defense debuff from 625, leaving the attacker with 500 defense debuff. This zeroes the 499 defense the defender has. Result: BURN! - 691, 453 killed Lesson: Troop defense debuff resist is a multiplier against the attacker's gear, ie. 625 - (625 x .20) = 500 . Let's see if Health acts the same way. If we can zero the enemy's health we can crush him even further.

Fourth Attack

The attacker increased his health defense debuff to get to 450, while keeping his DD at 625 still. Following the same logic as above, if the defender has a 20% HDR, then increasing HDD to 450 will result in the attacker losing 90 HD, or 360 HD. This zeroes the 358 health on the defender. Result: BURN! - 876, 608 Lesson: Troop health debuff resist is also a multiplier. If you can't tell by this point, the goal is make the defender stats effectively zero by using the appropriate amount of debuff for each stat category. However, let's see what happens if we "over debuff" the enemy's stats more than we need to. Will the result be better, the same, or worse?

Fifth Attackenemy defense debuff

625 DD 450 HD Activates a 125% DD boost to over debuff the defender's defense stats. Result: BURN! - 904, 530 killed Lesson: Over debuffing the enemy's stats is effective. Let's see what's more effective, additional DD or additional HD...

Sixth Attackhealth debuff

625 DD 450 HD Activates a 125% HD boost to over debuff the defender's health stats. Result: BURN! - 918, 575 killed Lesson: Over debuffing the enemy's health stats is more effective than over debuffing their defense stats. Let's see what a 125% attack boost does instead of HD boost...

Seventh Attackpi_attackboost_100

625 DD 450 HD Activates a 125% attack boost to kill more troops! Result: BURN! - 1,172,308 killed Lesson: Troop attack is the best boost to use once you've zeroed out the enemy's health and defense! Boom!


The goal to setting up your stats when hitting traps is to zero out their health and debuff, then use a troop attack boost to kill the most troops possible! Enjoy! Navi Rally strategy article sourced from gowcraft.com


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