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game of war power shaman

Bring the spirits to your aid with the new Power Shaman Set Gear – its mysterious abilities vastly reduce the Essence cost needed in Game of War for Powering Up your equipment by up to 90%!

This gear is exceptionally valuable to those looking to take advantage of the new Gear Workshop and push their equipment to extraordinary levels.

Power Shaman Stats - Game of War

The set provides a 90% Essence Power Up Cost Reduction to Normal and Core Gear. The set bonuses also provide additional 1000% Defense and 100% Encampment and Stronghold March Speed Debuff.

So, what does this mean? If you haven't already read about Gear Workshop, head over there and check it out. I'll wait... Ok, so now you know that to Power Up gear you need Power Essences.  Power Shaman reduces the cost of boosting your gear items to 10% of the cost.

Power Shaman

The power boost cost of Nike Renown is 39,215 Power Essence without Power Shaman.  However, with the full set of Power Shaman you can reduce that number to just 3,921.

Power Shaman

Unfortunately, Power Shaman does not help with Raw Power costs, just the cost of Power Essence.  But the savings on Power Essence is HUGE.

Power Shaman Special Set Bonuses

This set has the following special set bonuses:

  • Increase Resource Help Capacity
  • Gold Gathering Speed
  • Troop Load
  • Gathering Speed
  • March Speed

At the moment, no gems to further reduce Power Boost costs or increase the effectiveness are released.  However, I would assume some will be released soon. The gems recommend are any related to Defense and Troop Attack Debuff. Even hades gems would be useful so that your enemies don't know that you are wearing Power Shaman Gear Set.

Power Shaman as Bait Gear

This set has a set bonus of 1000% Defense which could provide enough defense along with proper skills, gems, and troop count to hold up nicely against a solo march.  The Stronghold March Debuff also contributes to give you time to get online for a rally or change gear against a solo from a Power Boosted core rally leader.


Power Shaman is a necessary set for players who are serious about maximizing their hero gear stats. It will save you millions of Power Essences over the course of your Game of War career. It is cheaply attained in comparison to previous sets of its kind, Blacksmith or Salvager's.  If you plan to use this set I recommend jumping on the "Full Set" packs while you can.  Read our Gear Workshop article to learn more about how it works and the upgrade requirements. Are you boosting gear pretty regular yet?  How much have you saved with this set?  Did you boost a bunch of sets before Power Shaman was released?  Do you wish you'd waited for this set's release?

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