NEW Temple Building in BETA - Updated!

NEW Temple Building in BETA - Updated!

The “Temple” Is In BETA

Update: Two updates to the temple have just taken place in BETA. Resource requirements have reduced, and recovering troops in the temple require silver!!!

A new temple building has just been released in the BETA that will allow you to RECOVER your troops after they are killed in battle. Although, when those troops are recovered, they have permanent boosts attached to them!

MZ says in their blog:

The BRAND-NEW Temple building will allow you to recover troops that have been killed while defending in [your] stronghold. After losing troops you will have the option to recover or dismiss all killed troops that reside in the Temple. Put your deceased troops into a recover queue, or use gold to INSTANTLY recover all eligible troops! Upgrade the Temple with “Book of Life” to be able to recover more troops and gain additional AMAZING benefits!

At level 21, the Temple will provide the following PERMANENT stat increases:

  • 200% Troop Recovery Speed
  • 30% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff
  • 30% Enemy Troop Health Debuff
  • 30% Enemy Rally Attack Debuff
  • 30% Rally Attack Bonus
  • And more! (not sure what will be added)

Additionally, after recovering troops, you will gain a temporary Troop Defense Bonus that will help keep your forces alive when foes are at your gates.

This sounds like a traps’ wet dream to me. This new temple will allow trap accounts to instant retrain troops that come back more powerful when the enemy tries to hit them again.

In fact, you can use this as a strategy where you have less troops that you need to take the first hit, so when you burn the enemy re-rallies you, only the second time you have recovered your troops and they are more powerful.

It will be interesting to see if recovered troops will show up in battle reports so the enemy will know whether you not you have them.

Also, I’m curious how long the troop defense boost will last.

Here are all the screenshots you are interested in:

How will you use this new building?




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