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All The Ways To Increase Your Bonuses

Someone asked me if there is a maximum bonus percentage in the game for anything. From what I know, there is no maximum.

For example, if you want to make your traps as powerful as possible, you can:

  1. Increases Research
  2. Add Skill Points
  3. Craft Gear
  4. Add Gems to Gear
  5. Use Item Boosts

The same is true for Troop Bonuses and Resource Bonuses.

How Bonuses Are Calculatedinfantry_defense

Hero (as shown): Hero Bonuses are exactly as they appear. A 15% food Production Bonus means 15%.

Hero Skill Points are only applied to Troops/ Marches/ Rallies that your Hero is in. For example, if you put Skill Points in Gathering, you must have your Hero in the Gather March.

Research (stacked): Research Bonuses are stacked.  Researching lvl 5 food Production means 1+2+3+4+5 = 15% total bonus. (Great news, right!?)

Buildings (cumulative): Villas are cumulative as in the more Villas you have, the more Training Bonus received (1% Training Speed per level of each Villa)

Key Components of Bonusesbase attack

  1. Production, Training, Trap, and Building Bonuses DO still apply even when the Hero is not present or rallied. Gathering and Attack/Health/Defense Bonuses do not. As you point out, the Hero needs to be present.
  2. It is important to keep in mind whether the Bonus is applied in a linear or non-linear fashion. Again, Production Bonuses are linear. For every extra 1%, you get a 1% increase in your Production. Remember that the 1% is applied to the BASE PRODUCTION, and not your boosted Production. The same goes for Defense/Health/Attack Bonuses.
  3. Construction, Research and Training Bonuses are NOT linear. This is very important because diminishing returns becomes a SIGNIFICANT factor after about 250% bonus or so. (Unfortunately, the game only tells us this explicitly in the Total Barracks Bonuses under more the More Information tab of the Barracks. It will show you the time decease based on the bonus. I wish they did the same for research and construction.) The decision becomes whether or not to continue to Craft Legendary items or allocate max points to your Hero Tree based on what you are trying to accomplish and how much “bang for your buck” you get.

Something To Consider: Early in the game, I crafted all purple Construction and Research Gear. I could have waited for yellow, but I figured the time savings wasn’t worth the wait. Now, later in the game I am replacing my purple research items with yellow items since some of these Researches are so long and the extra little percent can equate to a few days or more. Everyone needs to keep this in mind when applying Hero points and especially when Crafting items.”



Partially contributed by Madsop


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  • godwin5

    There is someone who is asking that is there any possible way through which one can increase his or her bonuses. They asked for college paper review. The answer is yes, there are certain ways through which one can do it including Increases Research, Including Expertise Points, Craft Gear, Include Gems to Gear, Utilize Item Boosts etc.

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  • Barbara Kiel

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  • Haley

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  • Dania

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  • Dowtown

    Max research bonus with full magister set bonus is 407.5. (100% of available 5 and 7 set bonus)  I have seen others over 100% and their research boost is 419%  I have no idea how/why someone can get over 100% of the 5 or 7 set bonus. If anyone knows. Share the secrete.

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    • Hodor18

      You get the 419% by maxing your hero points on base set and full set bonus in hero skill tree.

      0 / 0
  • aj

    I cannot find an answer to this. But..what is resulting training speed reduction under the more info tab in the barracks. Without any gear..my training speed it 496%..and the resulting training speed reduction is 83%..im also curious as to what would happen if it hit 100%.

    0 / 0
  • codey tingue

    Is there a bonus for having all the same gear on? Like all xena, or fire age.. cause people are telling me there is and I don’t want to waste materials if there ain’t

    0 / 0
  • Nf28

    Technically speaking you should never be able to have over a 100% research boost would you? That would make it instantly done…?

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  • Tom Chuligan

    you found summary boosts in town view, “power” at top view, button “boosts”. I think there are value (hero + research + buildings).

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  • RD

    So it is not linear, makes sense, after all with a 151%, not including hero bonuses, I would just simply finish resesrch.

    0 / 0
  • RD

    I just geared up my hero with 151% boost in research , I am only seeing a 33% real time increase. Why?

    0 / 0
  • Robert Dubois

    thanks man, I’m kinda a gear fanatic! I just lack in troop numbers and I’m a little tired of getting ganged up on in my kingdom! Haha I’m in Vantika!

    0 / 0
  • Casey Buresh

    Technically there is a maximum possible boost, but with the extremely large variety of gems and equipment, it’s hard to calculate a max. If you don’t take into account gems or equipment, you can calculate a more precise max for a specific stat. The main ones that I work on calculating are resource yields per hour/day for rss specialized cities.

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