Interview with T H E I M P: Leader of the Formidable (WH ) Alliance

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In this interview I talk with T H E I M P to learn about how his alliance (WH ) has been consistently successful for the last 2 years in Game of War. In the past I’ve done interviews with some of the most renowned individual players in Game of War who compete regularly in the treacherous Super Wonder. In every single one of those interviews, the legendary players merit the key to their success to the incredible teamwork and support of their alliances.

In the words of Ctesse: ”Everything is equal when you fight in the Wonder or Super Wonder (for example same core recipes) except for YOUR TEAM. It’s the only thing that separates you from your competitors. Fillers and blockers are just as important as the person going for emperor.”

Imp what’s your track record the last few months in Kill Event Tournaments?

We have had the good fortune and the good luck to be really successful for a long time in Kill Events.  When we first started in K80, we were in a huge war with UVG for control of that kingdom’s Wonder, but the day they announced KE, J O S H U A, the leader of UVG and I got on the phone and decided to work together.  We did, and from then on (WH ) was all about helping our kingdom in KE.  We are proud of how we have done.  For as long as we have played in KVK KE, we have ranked in the top 2 in nearly every event I can remember.  We have done well, but we never think its good enough, and every day we work hard to figure out how to do better next time.

How have you been able to put together a team so cohesive that they can perform like that?

A big part of the secret sauce is consistency and history.  We have done what we do the way we do it for a very long time.  People here know what to expect—we try to listen, think, treat people fairly and do what we say we are going to do.

One of the things we think makes us unique is that we have been at this a really long time.  We started playing Kingdom of Camelot (KOC) 4-5 years ago. I was the R5 in an alliance there—it wasn’t a war alliance, it was a fun alliance but not particularly focused on fighting.  I got sort of bored, and when Kabam open KOM (Kingdoms of Middle Earth), I started WarHorse there.  A lot of our original members came with us when we went there, but we also recruited a ton of new folks. We started WarHorse with the same mission we have now, ‘to be a great fighting alliance and be as professional as possible without any of the trash talking. Treat other people with respect and say “great game”—whether we win or lose.’

We made our share of enemies, but people seemed to respect us.  In that game, Kabam would create a world and largely just let it run.  Kingdoms died, and when they did you would just close up shop and start a new city in a new kingdom.  We moved a lot and would pick up players along the way in each different kingdom. The best fighters of the people we fought against would come join us as we jumped Kingdoms through KOM.  And our players would almost all come along.  A bunch of those players still play with us every day—Including some of our R4s TapMyWall and MustangSally.

When we heard about GOW from one of our players, and we left KOM and started in K28 (Lio).  Lio was a huge learning curve for us, but we learned a ton.  Eventually we moved to K80 (Volans) which merged with Helios (K60), and now we are in K144 (ShadowLands).  When we moved, most came along, although there was still a strong group who stayed WH in Lio.

Another really important aspect of what holds us together is that we try very hard to treat all our players—even those who aren’t doing well—with respect and dignity.  We set a few very clear rules, we try to keep surprises to a minimum, we try to hear the whole story before reacting, and we try hard not to over react.

And then, of course, we place a huge value on education and self-improvement.  We always say “be better tomorrow than you were today—even if you were great today.”  That means we are always reinventing ourselves, trying to find new and better ways to do everything, trying to teach new people what we know and learn what they bring to us.  We know there is always a better way, and we are all on a mission to get better together.

Because we work so hard to learn together and improve together, we end up with a constant stream of new rally leaders and new trap innovators.  That’s key to a fighting alliance.  You need new ideas, new energy, new leaders to keep it vital and fun.  Because we have so many who do well, we are able to be a top KE alliance in every event without having more than 1 or MAYBE 2 players in the top 10.  We do it as a team, not a supporting cast being dragged along by 2 players with 4B kills.

How have you adapted to the changes in Game of War?

This is a game that is always changing.  People give Game of War a hard time—and I get it… totally—but one thing they do well is keep evolving the game.  They keep it fresh and there are always new things to figure out.  That’s what keeps us on our toes.  We love that.

Our ability to adapt is one of the things that has allowed us to do well.

We always ask how we can adjust to the changing environment.  How can we rally bigger players, how can we beat smarter traps, how can we make our traps better.  If it wasn’t for Game of War pushing the limits of what’s possible in the game, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun or engaging.

But no matter what Game of War does, they never have enough kill events, and things get boring in between.  We don’t just fight for kill events, we look for targets every day in K144 just like we always have. It’s a war game and we are a war alliance.  We fight—it’s what we do.  It’s not bullying, its playing a war game.  We are really happy with our move to K144 because by and large folks here think like we do.  They recognize it’s a war game too and are willing to fight 24/7 and not take it personally.  We beat each other up, we all learn from it and we help each other and then we work as a team in kill events.  It’s a great environment.

Most alliances have players leaving and joining on a regular basis, how do you manage to stay organized? 

When I stopped running large businesses, the one thing I missed was organizing lots of people into high performing teams.  So that’s what I try to do in WH—with a ton of help from a great group of leaders.

We ARE really organized. To stay organized we have separate discussion groups on important topics and we have leaders whose job it is to facilitate those rooms and organize the thinking to pull the best thoughts forward so that we turn them into real actions.  We monitor performance, we track activity, we have a pretty buttoned up backup system to keep people from getting zeroed if they slip up, and we run all sorts of research to learn more about the “laws” that govern the game dynamics. Sometimes we will even have team training sessions.

The truth is that you can’t be a great team with a constantly changing group of average players.  Our turnover is really, really low.  People don’t often leave.  It happens, but not a lot.  We are really careful about who we recruit and who we accept.  We make our expectations clear and make sure it’s a fit.  That’s what pays off. We don’t just accept any crazy wild west fighter, we make strategic decisions about who we bring in. Is this person the right fit?  Who should we recruit?  Do we need more traps, fillers, rally leaders, wonder fighters, etc?  We determine how much we will need to train them and then if we should bring them in or not. But once someone joins, they are family.

Do you have any more practical advice for readers?

It’s a game and its important to keep it fun for yourself.  If you want to be great at the game, though, you have to study it.  Have a serious interest in how the game actually works so you can manipulate battles in your favor. What are you gear limits? What troop mix should you have in battle? What troop type sets are strong at the moment and why do they work?  How can you use this to your advantage and counter those strengths?  If you see an imbalance in the game, exploit it quick… you might get a couple weeks out of it.  Expect the next set or the next research to counterbalance that imbalance.  And of course find the things you love doing in the game and do those things… have fun.


(WH ) Leaderboard Stats

Battles Won - Position #2
Troops Killed - Position #3
Wars Won - Position #2
Cities Destroyed - Position #2

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