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What Our Tools Do For You

In order to keep you guys enjoying the best aspects of the game (ie. war, friends, and war) we have created some very helpful tools limit the time you spend on trivial things like: deciding what gear to craft, how to set your hero skill tree, and how many resources you need to train the amount of troops you want. Below are all the tools we've created for your convenience.

Secret Core Recipes

This was our most recent creation due to popular demand. Players wanted an entire library of the best cores to craft and the recipes required to craft them. With our encyclopedia you will be able to quickly scroll through every recipe you could ever want, and even see the extra bonuses attached to them. There are over 75 core recipes in there! encyclopedia of cores

Hero Gear Tool

  • Choose the gear that best fits your play style.
  • Find out the best gear you can craft at every level.
  • Understand the gear other players are wearing so you can defeat them.

This is a must read post about the benefits of the Hero Gear Tool.



The Best Troop Calculator Evertroops

  • Find out exactly how much resources and speed ups you need to train troops so can grow to power level you want
  • Find out how many troops you need to complete an event and get the rewards
  • Use it to make sure you have what you need to build the best trap account

This is a must read post about the benefits of the Troop Calculator.


Video of New Hero Skill Tree Tool

  • This is an exact replica of the hero skill tree in game
  • Save your favorite build for each occasion: war, farming, crafting, research
  • Test out which war build is best before re-skilling


Enjoy! Navi


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