Hero 75: Medal and XP Requirements, Skill Points, and Upgrades

Hero 75 Game of War GoW

These new Hero Levels give extra boosts to your Empire, provide powerful bonuses to key members of your Alliance, and grant the edge needed to claim victory in battle.

Heroes in Game of War can now be upgraded to level 75! Hero 75 comes with a number of new skills and substantially more skill points. 

Hero 71-75 Level Upgrade Requirements:

  • Hero 71: 100,000 Heroic Insignia
  • Hero 72: 1,000,000 Heroic Insignia
  • Hero 73: 1,250,000 Heroic Insignia
  • Hero 74: 7,500,000 Heroic Insignia
  • Hero 75: 22,250,000 Heroic Insignia 

Hero 75 Game of War Fire Age

A special thank you to [ONE ] XxCtessexXDN for requirements information.  See more from Ctesse by visiting her Instagram page here.

Hero Level Upgrade Requirements:

  • Hero 61: 1,500 Heroic Medals; 7.5 B XP
  • Hero 62: 5,000 Heroic Medals; 25 B XP
  • Hero 63: 14,000 Heroic Medals; 70 B XP
  • Hero 64: 28,000 Heroic Medals; 130 B XP
  • Hero 65: 50,000 Heroic Medals: 300 B XP
  • Hero 66: 55k Heroic Medals; 324 B  XP
  • Hero 67: 120k Heroic Medals; 358 B XP
  • Hero 68: 300k Heroic Medals; 440 B XP
  • Hero 69: 750k Heroic Medals; 548 B XP
  • Hero 70: 1.25m Heroic Medals; 714 B XP
  • Hero 71: 100k Heroic Insignias; 900 B XP
  • Hero 72: 1m Heroic Insignias; 1.32 T XP
  • Hero 73: 1.25m Heroic Insignias
  • Hero 74: 7.5m Heroic Insignias
  • Hero 75: 22.5m Heroic Insignias

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You may obtain Heroic Medals from Gold Store packs, Daily Bonus Club reward, Inferno events.  Occasionally, gift tiles gift chest reward them as well.

Hero 70

Game of War Hero 70Hero 70 provides the following skills and upgrades:
  • Troop Attack III: +600% (Confirmed)
  • Ransom Altar Boost
  • Power Up Efficiency
  • Max Hero Skill Points: 840 (Gymnos 24)

Hero 69

Hero 69 unlocks the following:
  • Prisoner Bonus Multiplier:
  • All March Recall II
  • Gear Salvage and Break Boost

Hero 68explorer_elem_top_hero

Hero 68 provides the following skills:
  • Enemy Defense Debuff II: +400%
  • Dungeon Ability Damage Blessing: +150%
  • Troop Training Capacity II
  • Skills Points: +40
  • Power: +3,777,513,060

Hero 67

Hero 67 unlocks the following skills:
  • Troop Attack on Tile Offense: +200%
  • Troop Health on tile Blessing: +200%
  • Resource Send and Receive Capacity II
  • Skill Points: +35
  • Power: +3,000,000,000

Hero 66GoW Hero Blessings

At Hero 66, you receive:
  • Troop III Health: +350%
  • Gathering Speed Blessing: +500%
  • Rally Gift Tile Gathering Speed
  • 30 Skill Points
  • 2,300,000,000 Power

Hero 65

When your hero reaches 65 you will enjoy a couple of great skills in addition to a grand total of 130 points additional points for your hero’s skill tree.  These skills include:
  • Troop Attack II - 500% attack
  • Resource Send Capacity - economy side, cool if you are trying to move some massive resources quickly.
  • Core Crafting luck - increase your core power when crafting!
This hero level will provide additional power to your hero attack stats and core stats.  Furthermore, it allows a rally leader to significantly increase the stats of their current core sets.

Best Hero 65 Skill Tree Allocation

You should now have 630 points if you have Gymnos 23 or a bit less if you have something lower than this.  So, what can we do with these new added skill points?

Base Set Bonus

A skill that is deep down the right side of the Hero Skill Tree is Base Set Bonus.  This skill increases the set bonus you receive when using sets with a base set bonus from any gear set including core sets.

At Hero 60 it was not always best to sacrifice points in the left side of the tree for Base Set Bonus.  The determining factor was whether the base set of the set you were using added more value to your overall build.  

However, with the 25 added skill points from Hero 61 you can now skill base set bonus without sacrificing any points in other offensive skills down the left side.

You receive 25 extra skill points when you reach Hero 61.  This brings total Hero points to 515, 520, 525 depending on whether you have Gymnos 21, 22, or 23 respectively.  

How Effective is Base Set Bonus Skills?

Base set bonus skill adds up to 25% bonus to your core set’s base set bonus.  For Nike this means 43.75% additional specific troop defense debuff which you can't even get in the skill tree any place else!

For the Poseidon core set, this provides an additional 20% to ranged attack.  For Ares core set, 40% troop attack debuff.  Therefore, Base Set Bonus is generally desired for these newer core sets.  With hero 61+ it’s a no-brainer, skill Base Set Bonus people.

What About These Other Skills from Hero Level Upgrades?

Hero 65 unlocks the skill Troop Attack which adds 500% attack.  This is clearly a must have for Hero 65.  However, can we still take the Base Set Bonus skill?  Yes, you can.  Let's take a look.

Base Set Bonus skill requires 149 points.  Next, we will put only the minimum amount of points in each of the following categories, for a total of 361 more points or 510 total points:

  • Infantry Attack I
  • Infantry Attack II
  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff
  • Enemy Defense Debuff
  • Altar Boost Attack
  • Full Set Bonus
  • Rally Attack Bonus

This setup is for an Infantry core rally leader. Now, 10 points in Troop Health on Tile 520 allows us to move on to Unlock Ransom, 530.  I assume 10 more points will allow us on to Unlock All March Recall, 540. Now we need 10 points in Troop Defense III, 550 total points.

We are now to Troop Attack II.  Let’s add the 50 points to this skill for maximum Troop Attack!  600 Total points!  We have 25 points left to place wherever we would like!  This will allow for placement for Ranged Core sets or Cavalry easily.

So, at Hero 65 it is possible and highly recommended to skill Base Set Bonus and Troop Attack II.  The additional 30 points should be placed in the specific troop health of the type you are sending with your core set to increase the penetration effectiveness of your rally. 

Hero 65 and Wonder Leaders

As a Wonder rally leader you must focus on attack and health of all three troop types.  Therefore, it is not recommended to sacrifice so many points to gaining the Base Set Bonus.  Those points are best spent in Troop Attack and Troop Health along the left side of your tree.  However, what is still recommended is Troop Attack II that adds 500% attack to all your troops!

Hero Level 61

Level 61 requires 7.5 billion experience, 1500 new Heroic Medals and provides the following new skills:
  • Troop Health on Tile - 150%
  • Hero Construction Boost - economy side of the tree and will provide construction speed boost for your alliance mate.  Unfortunately, the boost is not stackable.
  • Treasury Deposit Boost - also on the economy side of the tree and provides a significant boost to the gold you can earn from Treasury Deposits 300k or more gold.

Hero Level 62

Requirements: 25 billion experience, 5000 Heroic Medals:
  • Ransom - unlocks the ability to Ransom enemy Heroes for Gold.
  • Hero Production Blessing - unlocks the ability to use Production Blessing on your Alliance members.
  • Resource Receive Capacity - Greatly increases your ability to receive resources.

Hero Level 63

Requirements: 70 billion experience, 14000 Heroic Medals:
  • All March Recall - All your marches will return to your stronghold with +45% March Speed Boost.
  • Hero Training Blessing - unlocks the ability to use Training Blessing on your Alliance members.
  • Altar Boost Duration - increases the Altar Boost Duration Bonus.

Hero Level 64

Requirements: 130 billion experience, 28000 Heroic Medals:
  • Troop Defense III - defense reduces the damage dealt to all your troops.
  • Research Blessing - Hero Research Blessing.

Hero Level 65

Requirements: 300 billion experience. 50,000 Heroic Medals
  • Upkeep Reduction - Increases your Upkeep Reduction Bonus.
  • Troop Attack II - Attack increases your damage done by all your Troops.
  • Resource Send Capacity - Greatly increases the Resources you can Send.
  • Core Crafting Luck - Increases your Core Crafting Luck.
  • 30 additional skill points.

Game of War Blog News on Hero Level 65 Upgrades

Mighty ruler, as your Empire grows in power your Hero must rise to the challenge! Starting today, your Hero can power up to Hero Level 65!

New Hero Levels make you fiercer in battle, grant powerful new ways to help your friends grow, and provide more tools to spite your enemies.

With these amazing new abilities, you'll be able to:

Slay Fearsome Mythic Monsters for Massive Rewards! – Gain the ability to attack and kill Mythic Monsters, then plunder their 120+ billion Resource Tile hoards! Use new abilities to take on your first challenge – the deadly Mythic Griffin. To celebrate the launch of Hero Level 65, watch for multiple Mythic Griffins to appear in every realm!

Gain HUGE Upgrades to Resource Sharing! – Send and Receive up to 300 million Resources per Trade March with your Allies – help your Alliance thrive and grow with this massive improvement to Resource sharing!

Give Powerful Blessings to your Allies! – Boost your friends' Construction, increase their Production Rate and Capacity, and speed up their Training and Research! Your clever use of Blessings will allow your Alliance to reach new levels of power!

Ransom Your Foes! – In addition to releasing or Executing captured enemy Heroes, you can now demand a RANSOM in Gold! Your prisoner will be automatically released when their Ransom is paid by the owner or one of their Allies!

Recall All Marches at Once! – Use this new ability decisively in battle – all your Marches will rush back to your Empire with a +45% March Speed Boost!

Power up Your Treasury! – Deposit up to 200,000 more Gold in your Treasury, for unmatched returns on your investment!

Enjoy a MAJOR Altar Upgrade! – Gain FOUR more days of Altar Boost for each Hero you sacrifice!

Craft Mightier Cores! – Max out the power and increase the bonuses of all your newly crafted Core Equipment!

And much MORE! These are just some of the awesome new benefits you'll gain for maxing out your Hero – take advantage of them and many others to dominate!

Collect Hero XP and Heroic Medals to level your Hero up to 65 and unlock their true power!

Check back here for more information on upgrade requirements and further details on the new skills for each Hero upgrade.  Good luck!


No matter what your goals are in Game of War, your Hero is the key to victory. Now is your opportunity to gain INCREDIBLE new abilities and grow your Empire to unbelievable power!


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