Guide to Free Game of War Gold

Game of War gold tips will help you earn more

Guide to Free Game of War Gold

It’s true you have to spend some money in Game of War in order to get gold, but it’s less than you might think if you make the right choices with the gold you have. In this article I’ll cover a variety of methods that will help you earn more gold consistently once you already have a larger amount saved up.

1. Earning Gold Through Completing Eventsevents_global_icon

First, I should mention that events get harder by requiring more resources and speed ups the higher you level up your stronghold. It might benefit you more if you stayed at 15 or 18 for awhile and used the strategy below to amass a good chunk of gold before upgrading higher.

The fundamental strategy behind earning gold through completing events is to get enough gold and speedups saved so that you can complete multiple events at the same time and earn enough rewards to do it over and over again without depleting your gold supply. The great thing about this strategy is that you are trying to earn back all the gold and speed ups you spend, while also gaining a TON of power.

Event Recycling for goldThe concept is simple, but the execution is tricky. There are some things you need to look for when choosing events to complete with this method.

How To Choose Events To Recycle


  1. Choose two or three events that overlap. The third event can be a kvk event. For example, you could complete an inferno solo, solo, and kvk event all at the same time. You can earn event points for all events at the same time if the objective is the same.
  2. The event rewards need to have rewards that are roughly equivalent (a little lower or a little higher) than what you need to complete the event. Also, at least one of the events needs to have significant speed up rewards so that you can complete 2-3 events again in the future. Be sure that the speed up rewards are the correct length of time for the events you like to complete. If you want to complete training events, 3 day speeds are better, but if you want to complete research events, 7 day and 30 day speeds are better.

Pro Tip: Save up and plan for specific kvk events to complete with your alliance, and if possible with your kingdom as a whole. This will give you a much better chance of winning kvks and thus winning gold prizes.

Saving Up For Events

Tally up the requirements for the various research and building upgrades you want to do to complete an event.

For example, for Stronghold 21 you need approximately 90k gold, 50+ days of speed ups, and many millions of resources depending on the events you are trying to complete.

Completing multiple big upgrades will be tremendously research heavy and you don’t want to be caught half way through an event without enough resources or speedups.

Troop Training Event Tips

We have a very comprehensive guide on troop training & instant training guidelines you should check out before attempting to complete multiple troop training events at one time.

2. Earn Free Gold by Upgrading Your Treasury

The current KvKs have incredibly difficult requirements to complete if you don’t plan ahead. However, there’s a trick with the treasury that allows you to earn a TON of points and easily complete the 3rd Prize Tier in events. You’ll receive a nice stash of gold and speeds ups, and even have a chance of making two leaderboards, both of which award even more rewards.

If you haven’t completed the last level of Treasury 7, it takes a lot of resources and about 80k gold worth of war bonds, but has an amazing payout of 9.6M power for your overall building power.  Since the KVK gives you one point per power for buildings, by completing this single building, you can instantly complete the KvK event, or at least get really close. The gold obtained from the KvK will just about pay for your treasury which can give you 21k gold a month, and if you play your cards right, you can come out ahead in gold!

Further Recommendation

In order to maximize the benefit of all these points, amass a bit of silver (at least 40M), and complete the treasury during an inferno 1.92M research/building event.  Do at least two large researches, and use the award of 18M silver from the inferno event to do more research(es) to get as many points as possible.  You’ll just about be guaranteed to make the leaderboard for both KVK and the hourly inferno event.  If you win the Inferno leaderboard (not THAT hard with enough research and since there are so many of them), it’s 35k extra gold.  Joined with the 65K from completing KVK, you’ll have more than paid back the 80k gold that you needed to complete the Treasury.

Treasury War Bonds Needed


  • Lvl 1 - given
  • Lvl 2 - 5 bonds
  • Lvl 3 - 25 bonds
  • Lvl 4 - 80 bonds
  • Lvl 5 - 295 bonds
  • Lvl 6 - 900 bonds
  • Lvl 7 - 3500 bonds

Cost of bonds:  14k gold for 1,000 bonds.
Total needed to take treasury to level 7: 4805 bonds, a little less than 80k gold needed

Update: The treasury trick can be achieved with relatively less loss if you are already constructing Stronghold 21. Speed up your build, and go on to Treasury 7. Do this during the solo 900k research and build event. Even after you have achieved Stronghold 21, the KvK target remains the same (for SH20). I completed SH21 and Treasury 7 within the solo and the current kvk (5 x points for builds) and won 50k gold, plus a lot of speedups/items.

Update: This trick is ideal for the KvK event right before the kill event starts. A few people have tried this after the kill event, but have placed much lower in rankings because of bigs are rebuilding their troop count.

After you have built the Treasury, you can read the great returns of the treasury here. Completing level 7 of the treasury gives you a lot of power for the amount of time it takes to complete, compared to a research that gives equal power.

If you are planning on spending money to start this strategy, save 15+% on each gold pack you buy with android.

3. Join an Alliance with a High Gift Level

The higher the gift level of your Alliance, the better rewards you will receive from alliance gifts. If you are a newer player or you want to start a new alliance, consider joining a high level pre-existing alliance or buying an alliance from someone and changing the name.

Ideally you want an alliance gift level that is at least over 18. When spenders buy packs or your alliance earns them in other ways, you will receive gifts that will give you up to 1,000 gold.

Remember: alliances are not kingdom dependent, you can have people join your alliance from another kingdom.

4. Build a Gold Mine for Free

Build a gold mine where you and your Facebook friends can give each other gold. You can give and receive a maximum of 300 gold a day. Also, there is no way to disconnect your facebook from your GoW account once you connect it. So be sure to make a new Facebook account for the game.

For instance, at Lvl 1, you can collect 10 gold from 5 friends each day, allowing you to get 50 gold a day if 5 friends gift you gold.  At Lvl 2 you can collect from 6 friends, etc., all the way up to Lvl 21, when you can collect from 25 friends.  At lvl 21 you get a bonus 2 gold per person, so you can collect 300 gold a day.

Secret Gold Mine Trick

gold mine

The Gold Mine has a little trick to it that most people don’t know about.

It costs you 1,000 gold for each level up (Golden Pickaxe).  I haven’t done it yet, but you’ll probably need a Master Hammer (2,000 gold) to lvl up from 20 to 21.  That’s 22,000 gold total to level up to a point where you get 300 gold a day.  However, this trick allows you to earn an additional 3k+ gold to offset the cost.  That’s over a ten day advantage until you make more gold than you put in.

Apparently when you start an upgrade, you can collect immediately at the new level, even if you’ve already collected that day.  That means that if you do all 20 upgrades in a day, you can collect 21 times that day. You don’t have to upgrade all levels in a single day to take advantage, just remember to collect before and after starting an upgrade.

Recommended Actions for the Gold Mine Trick


  1. Create Facebook account
  2. Build gold mine attached to that Facebook account
  3. Ask your alliance for emails of their Facebook accounts
  4. Friend every single person
  5. Repeat No. 4 until you have dozens of friends
  6. Lvl up your gold mine with Resources and make sure to collect not only each day, but also after starting each level up


5. Farm Gold TilesGold

Gold tiles are just like any other resource tile, except they take a lot longer to gather from. There are two types of gold tiles: ones that are always around which take 15 minutes for 1 gold, and ones that your kingdom earns from winning a kvk which take 15 seconds for 1 gold.

Typically people in your own kingdom won’t tile attack you when you are farming gold after an event, but you should always be careful when farming a tile.

If other players are trying to attack you and you have a powerful account, consider this tile trap strategy that will leave your enemy stunned.

6. Buy Gold Packs Through Amazon

By buying Amazon Coins you can receive a discount for buying in bulk and thus pay up to 15% less for as many packs as you want. You can actually use this method for any mobile game in the Amazon app store, which has most mobile games.

Check out our full guide for buying packs through Amazon, then learn how to buy the right packs for you.

7. Lower Stronghold Levels Offer Easier Events

An uncommonly known fact in Game of War is that the lower the level of your Stronghold the easier it is to win prizes in events. On almost all events recently, farm accounts lvls 11 and lower that are less active have much better rewards than accounts that are actively played lvl 15+. This can have a few implications:

  1. It’s another positive reason to have a farm account or multiple accounts.
  2. You can use gold rewards to gift your main account. However, you can only gift gold gifts if you have bought a $100 gold pack from the store though.

Personally I don’t have a farm, because I don’t have patience or time for them. But, I would encourage anyone who does have time to make one. A lot of people have told me they really don’t take much time.

Many players creating jumper accounts to move kingdoms will stay at Stronghold level 5 for months to complete events and stack up a bunch of rewards before jumping.

8. Take Advantage of New Features

When MZ deviates from the norm for some reason, whether they are down for maintenance or they decide to try something new, MZ usually offers higher rewards.

Examples are:

  • When they first started offering casino events—great rewards all around
  • When they opened the coliseum—tons of gold, material and speed up farming is available
  • When the app shuts down because of maintenance—gold chests appear
  • When they skip a kill weekend—they increased the solo event rewards significantly
  • When they first introduced kvks—significant gold rewards

When Game of War tries something new or makes a mistake, find ways to take advantage of it, because you often can. The excessive rewards will diminish very quickly though, so take advantage of them quickly.

Don’t Get Scammed

Just like any game in the history of game there are no ways to “cheat the system” and get unlimited gold. Don’t get scammed by sketchy sites on the internet who claim that if you download their program you can hack the game.

Are there any other free ways to earn gold that I missed? If so, please share in the comments below.


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