Game of War’s Most Underrated Gear

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Which Gear Set Is Most Underrated?

Debates concerning the pros and cons of Hero Gear in Game of War seem to be ever-present and never-ending. I see them daily in Alliance Chat, Kingdom Chat, interest sites, even on Instagram. A couple of days ago I even had an extensive debate over private message with a friend (whose Alliance mine happens to be at war with) to try and determine if Colossus Gear or Samurai Gear had better overall stats. For most gear sets, such differences of opinion may not ever be resolved and probably ultimately comes down to personal opinion. Additionally, with the recent over-drive of the MZ Hero Gear machine the most oft-expressed sentiment to end such discussion seems to be: “Well, give it a week.”

With the constant flood of new Gear, including Cores, Sets, and Event Gear, it also becomes a chore to decide which Gear to craft. For non spenders and moderate spenders, there is always the worry of finally making Gear, only to see it become obsolete soon thereafter. Even for those who spend more, some of the materials (i.e., Turquoise Fireballs) and silver requirements (3.25 billion, in the case of Colossus Gear) can be both extremely difficult to obtain.

Recently, I did some Crafting that I otherwise probably never would have if it weren’t for some extra downtime I had. In doing so, I actually think this problem has been solved. After the endless debates, stat spreadsheets, and personal opinions, the most under-rated Gear Sets in Game of War is… Blacksmith Gear!? Yes, you read that correctly. Blacksmith Gear. With that tantalizing introduction, I will extol its many virtues and the benefits of adding it to your arsenal.

Blacksmith Gear Is Incredible

First, here is an analysis of the costs required for The Blacksmith Set:

Materials used: Unicorn Horn (2), Flanders’s Poppy (1), Silk Cocoon (2), Cowhide (4), Elephant’s Ear (1), Elephant’s Hide (4), Pig’s Foot (2), Chisel (7), Granite Slab (5).
Total Cost in Silver: 255,350,000
Average Duration of Crafting: 6-7 days, per piece

Overall, the cost of crafting the Blacksmith Set is fairly modest. Especially, when considered in light of its benefits. Now, on to the virtues.

The Blacksmith Set Saves You TONS of Silver

As we all know, nothing in Game of War comes without a price. Research requires materials and silver, as does training troops and building traps. Crafting Gear in Game of War also requires two things, materials and silver, regardless of the Gear you are crafting. These two requirements apply to all gear. However, the only resource requirement that applies to everything is silver. Silver is the life blood of the Game. Most Kingdoms have resource rooms where people beg for it. There is never a day that goes by that I don’t hear tens of people asking for silver. And, since we all need Gear, Troops, and Traps we all need silver.

The Blacksmith Set provides a crafting cost reduction that saves the silver cost required for Crafting, and allows you to use it other places. Here are three examples, each listed first without using, and then with using the Blacksmith Set:

samurai without blacksmith set samurai with blacksmith setfire age without blacksmith set fire age with blacksmith setblacksmith pic 1 blacksmith pic 2

fire age hero crafting cost reduction stats

Viewed individually, the “Normal Equipment Crafting Cost Reduction” of 2-7% for the individual pieces in this set are… uninspiring…and would never be worth Crafting. Take, for example, the sticker-shocking Colossus Vambraces silver cost of 500,000,000. A 7% savings of 35,000,000 is more depressing than anything. The Full Blacksmith Set, with a Bonus, is a different story. As an example, here are screen shots of Colossus Vambraces first without, and then using Blacksmith Gear:

In this example, the Normal Equipment Crafting Cost Reduction provided by the Full Blacksmith Set is 63%... Which translates into 2,047,500,000 silver saved if you were to craft the Full Colossus Set! I will let you translate that into troops. Needless to say, I am one that wishes this Set would have struck me a week earlier…before I mortgaged my SH and my Hero’s soul to craft Colossus.

Game Analysis article contributed by CREED XS


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