6 Fundamental Game of War Battle Tactics

Texas Double Port

6 Fundamental Game of War Battle Tactics

Game of War is a lot more dynamic than you realize once you first download the game. There's a lot more strategy than just have higher research, better gear, and more troops than your enemy. Some of these battle tactics below were developed by outside of the box thinkers, and battle leaders within the Game of War community. These strategies come from understanding the core mechanics of the game. Once you have the core mechanics down, you’ll probably end up thinking of your own strategies. With the game constantly changing with new items, gear, and boosts; new strategies are invented monthly.

1. The Texas Double Port

Game of War requires constant innovation in war tactics in order to outsmart your enemy and gain the upper hand. It can be hard to trick players who have been playing for 6 months, but this strategy in particular can be used against any veteran player pretty successfully.


How to Texas Double Port

Before a Rally begins to March, the target quickly Teleports away, Shields, now when the Rally is marching the target Teleports again. This causes the Rally to instantly hit your Shielded Stronghold once you Teleport, and leave the enemy’s Troops stranded.


Why It’s Effective

On the target’s second Teleport, the Rally March is instantly pulled to the targets location - but the Rally hits the target’s Shield causing no damage. Now the Rally’s Troops need to March all the way back home.

This does a few things. If the target is able to Teleport so the Forest is between them and the Rally group, the Rally group’s marches could be 3 hours long. That Rally group now has a decision to make - do they wait for their Troops to March back or do they use 8 Pegasus Wings to get them back in under a minute.

If your Alliance is on the defense, that Rally group is in a temporary state where they can’t Rally again. The target may have saved the cluster and fellow members by discouraging the Rally group from continuing. At the very least, the Rally target just cost each Rally member an ATP and 8 Pegasus Wings (almost 9,000 Gold!)

If your Alliance is offensive, your enemies are now a perfect group of sitting ducks. You know one is minus their Hero and the others are minus a full March of Troops. This may be the perfect time to knock down some walls and kill some Troops - or at the very least force their hand on spending that 9,000 Gold.


What To Watch ForGame of War Defense

If your Alliance is taking part in a Rally on a target, there needs to be some eyes on the target instead of everybody in full screen Alliance chat. The Rally leader should have their finger over the cancel Rally button (they’ll be able to see the last two messages in the chat room).

Remember, radio silence during all rallies offensives and defenses! Your alliance should only allow specific war talk in the Alliance Chat when millions of Troops are on the line.

If the target Teleports away, cancel that Rally,eEspecially if there is less than 10 seconds on that March timer.

If the target puts a Shield up, cancel that Rally. This move can also be done with a Shield - Teleport - Teleport.

How To Do It Yourself

This move is difficult to pull off yourself, especially if the Rally leader knows what they are doing. You’ll want an ATP location that puts the Forest between your Teleport location and the Rally group. Have that location ready on your screen.

You’ll need silence in the Alliance Chat except for members who are counting down when the March will begin. When the count down is between 10 and 5 seconds, depending one what you judge your ‘lag’ to be, Teleport to the location you’re watching. At that point, apply Shield. As soon as that Shield goes up, and you confirm that the March is on it’s way, use a Random Teleport.

That Random Teleport should draw the Rally March right to your Shielded location - thwarting the attack. If your count down is incorrect and you Teleport after the Rally March began, that full Rally is going to hit you. If you Teleport too early before the March, the Rally leader has more time to cancel.

Texas Double Port Countergame of war defense peach shield

With the new threat of extremely good cores, it’s possible for a single player to solo 1 bil power players or more. This allows for a new dynamic to this strategy.

The timing is tough especially if the Rally leader has the advanced March research for quick-release of Rally timers, but just after successfully performing the Texas Double Port (TDP) the enemy Rally leader is exposed without his Hero.

Take advantage of the enemy leader’s lack of Hero and have a few very powerful members of your Alliance port in and solo the Rally leader with Core Gear just after the successful TDP. Obviously, have your best Alliance Hero hit the enemy first because that will be the most difficult hit. In fact, without the enemy having a Hero you could still do major damage with regular Gear.

The enemy will not be able to Shield until they get their March back, so your Alliance has a very limited period of time to solo the enemy before he speeds up his March back home.

NikoDaKat from (IGZ) helped zero a 200M in under 2 minutes (this was a big deal in early 2015). The enemy was stunned and confused as he got zeroed. Although, Niko didn’t get the enemy Hero because the enemy Shielded the instant his Hero Marched back.

Niko further comments, “but he was out of Resources and Troops and slunk off properly zeroed.”

“It’s all about finding a Rally leader who’s a little on the small side attacking someone in your Alliance. I didn’t port in my self until after the rally was going, so they had no idea a counter attack was being plotted the entire time. It’s all about timing, and mis-direction of attention.”

2. Offensive Port

This cheeky battle tactic is one that will piss off your enemies in the most perfect way. 


How to Offensive Port

Game Mechanic: If someone is sending a March at you, and you Teleport away, the March will instantly hit you.

This is to prevent players from avoiding fights, but it’s also great for picking your own fights!!

If you are attacking an enemy Stronghold, sometimes they will try to send their Troops out to a Tile in order to prevent those Troops from being attacked. When this happens, have a member in your Alliance Advance Teleport to that Tile, then Random Teleport away immediately after they get there. This will cause the enemy March to hit your Member’s Stronghold. Be sure to choose an Alliance Member that is far more powerful than your enemy’s solo March.

Imagine you enemy’s reaction after this happens to them. It will be absolutely beautiful and leave you feeling like a cheeky monkey.

3. The Port Bomb

This is a specialized Rally attack, one not to be used on Trap accounts or anyone over 100m power, as there is No Hero in the Rally.


How To Port Bomb

Your alliance has found a target with a good amount of troops, but they either have weak hero gear or are offline. Do not Port Bomb someone with anti-scout on, if they are reinforced you stand to lose a bunch of troops. Have your Rally leader start a rally without a Hero in it. When the rally is 10 seconds away from marching, have the Rally Leader teleport next to the Target.

Critical Point: You cannot execute this maneuver if the Hero is in the rally.

This is a great way to surprise the enemy. You can even set this up over a period of time, by fake rallying on the enemy. When they become complacent about the rallies being set, that’s when you can utilize The Port Bomb. It's risky because you have no hero, but it allows your alliance to execute a rally from a long distance away. 

Use this on smaller targets in a newer kingdom, preferably when the target's hero is out of the Stronghold. 



You cannot port the rally if any of the peoples troops who are joining your rally have reached your city. The troops joining your rally have to be on their way in order be in the rally. So you set the rally (without your hero) while sitting away from the rest of your alliance (at least 5 minutes away), and then everyone joins. When your alliance's incoming troops are 10 seconds from reaching your SH, you port next to the enemy. All of the people’s troops that joined your rally enter all at once and the person you’re hitting never sees it coming.

This strategy is particularly useful against inexperienced new players in new kingdoms. Some of those players leave themselves vulnerable by 

  • Waiting too long to level up a strong hero will good permanent gear.
  • Have their hero skilled for resource production.
  • Will not turn on attack boosts until they know they are being attacked.

I am a little nervous to do this to a player who I’ve never attacked, but in non-ancient kingdoms you get to know how your enemies pretty quickly and learn whether or not they would be vulnerable to a Port Bomb.

4. The Deadly "Tag Team"

This strategy is a great for you and a friend to use during a kill event. Especially with all the game lag lately, the “tag team” strategy has a very high success right when you have a good connection. It’s a timeless strategy that requires flawless execution.
Tag teaming only works against enemies who  are afraid of their troops getting hit and zeroed.


How to Tag Team


  • Find a teammate with strong defenses
  • Find an enemy around 30mil power
  • Let your teammate know of the target and tell him to be ready to port as well
  • You port and in attack the enemy
  • When the enemy sends their troops to another tile to avoid your attack, your teammate will port to the tile the enemy sent their troops to. Then, immediately random port away causing the enemy march to hit them. (This may take a few times to get the timing down, and you have to hope the enemy isn’t paying attention). I would have your teammate port to the tile just as your march is hitting because that’s when the enemy is most likely not watching their troops OR recall your troops just before they hit if the enemy has lots of traps. Another time I would try porting in is just as the enemy send their march to a tile, while they are all nervous and relieved.
  • Celebrate and post the kill report to your alliance group chat on line!


What You Need For a Tag Team

Teammate 1:

Advanced Teleport
More strength than the enemy by a lot (to scare the enemy into sending a march to a tile)
March Recall (optional)

Teammate 2:

Advanced Teleport + Random Teleport
Strong defenses that can easily handle a full march from the enemy


5. The “Grim Rally” Tactic

After the war generals post from a few days ago, a player named GrimsBadAzz (better known as “Grim”) informed me that he has been very successful as a war general (WG) and he wanted to share his tactics with everyone.

This is very original rally tactic that I think will be new to a lot of you, and extremely useful.

Step 1: Call a “Break Chat”

Any r4 can call for a “break chat”. Basically a halt in alliance chat. Prior to attacks, break chat and have all players participating private message (PM) the WG. Based off the amount of PMs determine how to assign roles and the the target.

Step 2: Define Roles

Rally point/ player (RP) - The RP is assigned to the individual who has the best hero for the rally. The WG should give them exact coords to port to. This is not only for rallies, but hive burning as well. You and your team should always know who is RP before porting. The RP will call out info about the rallies (when they are set, time remaining, etc). There is always an actual RP and typically at least 1 alternate RP. The reason for an alternative RP will be described below.
Observation point/player (OP) - The OP is a scouting location, where a player or players observes enemy movement (rss, reinforcements, enemies who port in after attack has begun). Observers must have a high level of scouting researched and must relay info in AC pertaining to scout reports and enemy movement. You can assign multiple OPs. Members who are too weak for the attack, or without ports can screen watch and be alternate OPs. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and minimize pressure on the attackers.

Step 3: Ready the troops

Once  roles are assigned, ask on AC if everyone is “up”. Players who are “up” have:


  • Hero skills and equipment set
  • Boosts active/ready
  • Understanding of roles
  • Ports/gold
  • Completely ready for movement

Once enough players are “up” post coords for the first and only time. Coords are RP site, and once given, RP may port. Once RP is at the target, other players may begin porting in.

Rally Time 

“Ok so that is the basics of attack planning. Now I will cover a very good rally strategy we use that has given us tremendous results. Every time we were going to set a rally, there would always be several enemies who would port in to reinforce. I personally don’t like odds of an enemy who is reinforced. Members of my alliance were getting frustrated because we are the top alliance but rarely can pull off a successful rally (I’d always cancel). So i came up with what I call “a Grim rally” in order to have more success.”

Step 4: The “Grim rally”


  1. Establish an area with multiple potential rally targets. You can even port to an area with only one target and bait other enemies to port by setting a rally. (Everyone comes running to reinforce from my experience).
  2. Once you have multiple targets, select an actual target. Assign RP actual, and alternate RPs.
  3. Confirm the OPs know who they are scouting.
  4. Port and set actual rally, AND have alternate RPs set a rally simultaneously. Make sure everyone understands who is the real rally point. Have members send preferably full march strat t4 with 30 k strat t3 meat shields in EACH march.
  5. Have participants send 1 troop marches to alternate RPs. No hero should ever be in an alternate rally.
  6. Cancel actual rally if: target shields, ports, not full rally, or target has full reinforcements.
  7. Theoretically all the rallies (alternate and real) march at the same time at 3 different targets. This causes the enemy to not effectively be able to reinforce and can lead to massive blowouts.

WARNING: Don’t forget the alternate RPs should not under any circumstance put their hero in the rally. It’s a march of only a few troops and a suicide mission. If a hero is in the march, it will be captured.


6. The Dodge and Recall

The dodge and recall is a fundamental tactic you must perfect.


How to Dodge and Recall

The strategy behind the dodge and recall, is dodging one attack, and recalling to get hit by another one. Dodging can by done by shielding, sending a march of troops to a nearby resource tile, not an empty tile (see the tag team strategy above for why).

Here is an example scenario:

In the most recent KvK, some big guy ported in on me all high and mighty, trying to attack me, but I destroyed him. He had two full marches of T3 and I only had one full march. He ported in and sent his first full march at me, but I could tell from his power (16 mil) that he had probably had more than one march. As I assumed he would sent a second march immediately after his first. So, just before his first march hit me I sent my troops to occupy the nearest tile, immediately after his first march hit my castle I recalled my troops so they would arrive before his second march.

KEY: I did this because I knew his HERO would be in his first march making it much stronger.

His second march hit me and I killed 75k of his 200k troops, while he only hospitalized 20k of mine.Get wrecked son! That will teach him to mess with the almighty Navigator. He didn’t send any more troops after that.

Since the game has inflated so much lately so that you cannot send out one march with all of your troops, throw up a temporary 8 hr shield for the first march, then send a one troop march back at the attack to remove your shield before his second march with no hero hits your Stronghold.



Contributed by Jesse, (IGZ) NikoDaKat, MOS ULTRA, [ADx] ValApe, Grim


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