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With the constant increase in strength of new cores that can max out at over 12k combined attack, 4k defense debuff, 2k health debuff and 1500 attack debuff, traps and even 40 bil players previously safe are now threatened.

Some other sites want you to pay for “blackhole” cores that use the newest secret recipes and aren’t being tested. It's because of this that I created my own trap cores and I call them "Juggernaut Cores." 

Juggernaut Defense Core Strategy

This set is meant as a universal trap set. I have tested it against the Perses and Bacchus sets and have captured heroes under level 70. Even when attacked by level 70 heroes I won on power. As you can see by the results, that even with under 850 mil troops,  this set can hold its ground.

Also, be sure to use these cores against the awesome Aura Ranged Missile Core Set.

Juggernaut Cores Game of War

Strength of Juggernaut Defense Core Set

This recipe works well because it covers all the bases. It has very high individual troop type defense as well as overall troop defense. Also, the individual troop type attack debuffs give some cushion against incoming missiles and the overall troop attack debuff is enough to offset the attack.

The key to this set though can be broken down into two parts. First is the use of a single Kunai Dagger for the defense debuff resistance. The second is the individual troop type attack. It's not easy to kill an entire Perses rally when you have under a billion troops and with 1,500 attack debuff you’re going to trade much needed defense for attack. I came up with the solution, insert 1 piece into each core specifically to raise type attack.

Juggernaut Defense Cores Recipe

For the recipe I used 1 secret recipe and it is Shadowgod's Torment. The Hades Set has been around long enough now that the cores and pieces are relatively common. Also, as previously stated I used 1 Kunai dagger. Here are the rest of the items used:

Juggernaut Defense Core Recipe


  • Underworld plating: massive type defense
  • Persephone’s brush: type defense
  • Earth icon: troop defense
  • Fresh lotus: troop defense
  • Aquatic pendant: Troop attack debuff
  • Hades grimoire: type attack


  • Arbiter's Crown
  • Underworld Furnace (part of gow secret recipe)
  • Hunting Spear
  • Radiant coverings
  • Bloodstone shield
  • Firecrackers

Pro Tip: When crafting custom cores make sure that the preset you use already has the skills done.  After crafting the first 4 items Head, Armor, Feet, Weapon put them in the preset along with the Kunai dagger and check your stats with your defense regular gear equipped.

Juggernaut Kunai Core Game of War You need to judge the stats and see if you will need more troop defense or type defense. Realize that you will gain 200-300 each type defense and 75 to 100 troop defense just from the pieces. Once you gauge that decide if 1 bloodstone shield and 1 firecracker will will be enough. If you think you will need more troop defense than use 2 firecrackers. As long as defense is over 3k (equipped, gemmed and boosted) at the end you will be ok.

Juggernaut Defense Core Stats

As mentioned in the Pro Tip above, we want to aim for at least 1,500 each type defense and 3,000 troop defense when equipped, gemmed and boosted. The Kunai Dagger and having the defense debuff resistance research completed allows you to resist about a third of the defense debuff from the attacker.

Next you want at least 500 of each type attack. With the type attack debuff resistance researched, the attacker would need around 800 type attack debuff to completely debuff that. This will allow you to kill the whole march regardless. Which makes this a great set for smaller troop size, or 700 million to 1 billion troops.

Juggernaut Core Set Finally the debuffs. This set will give you between 100-300 attack debuff for infantry and range and 400-600 attack debuff for cavalry. Also, when boosted should give around 800 troop attack debuff.

Here are my stats when gemmed, boosted and equipped.


  • Earth icon: Broken antler, heron charm, crown of humility
  • Fresh lotus: Broken antler, heron charm, crown of humility
  • Underworld plating: this is really a big one, but you can use the eerie crystal to supplement
  • Persephone’s brush: very common
  • Hades Grimoire: Heart of the mountain
  • Aqua Pendant: very common


  • Arbitores Crown: Majestic sallet
  • Radiant Coverings: Majestic plumage
  • Hunting spear: common
  • Underworld furnace/Shadowgods torment: really a critical core though Majestic coat can work. However,  you will lose a good chunk of type attack debuff and around 100 troop defense, you will add around 100 type defense to each type though.

The accessories are fairly common as well.

Pro Tip: While using the alternative pieces will only slightly adjust your stats, swapping the cores can make a big difference. I am in the process of developing an even more discount Juggernaut set now and will post after it is tested.


This is a great custom set and the higher your VIP and Forge levels the higher your core stats can be.

I had to boost in order to cap these monster Core Missiles but with my troop count I was still getting hit after being scouted.

This set will get you a lot of good points during ke and max you quickly. Good luck out there and your feedback is welcome!

Submitted by Yo Daddy of (*V) K382


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