Daily Bonus Club - Best Investment in GoW

game of war daily bonus club

Game of War Daily Bonus Club is a feature for players of all types.  This club should be the first investment you make in Game of War each month because it provides you with additional benefits in packs, event rewards, and a significant gift every day that you log in.

Daily Bonus Club Rewards

The Daily Bonus Club or DBC, continues to improve.  The popularity of the DBC was an overnight sensation. As a result Game of War has improved the rewards to remain current in the demands of the game.  So, when the renewal becomes available I strongly urge you to take advantage of it.

Daily Bonus Club Rewards Game of War Fire age

As I mentioned, each month the rewards improve.  In fact, this latest month the DBC improved mid-month and in order to receive the improved rewards you needed to renew your DBC.

This brings us to our next subject.  How to get join the Daily Bonus Club?

Join the Daily Bonus Club

Joining the Daily Bonus Club is super easy.  If you haven't joined yet, then a pack is available for you to join!


The club pack should look something like this one listed here.  If you've made up your mind to join it then just tap the image to head into Game of War Fire Age and grab your Daily Bonus Club pack.

Additional Benefits for DBC Members

As a DBC member you will enjoy additional benefits besides the daily rewards provided from being a member.  Also, your packs will often times have additional items available only to DBC members.

Therefore, if you plan to buy some packs in Game of War, its important you start with the DBC pack first.  This way, you gain the added benefits of each pack you purchase throughout the month.

In addition to better packs you gain more rewards in inferno events.  Furthermore, your reward chests will contain additional rewards.

Occasionally, Athena will just send you gifts.  The gifts will appear in your inventory along with a mail from Athena saying, "Thanks for being a DBC member!"


The Daily Bonus Club is the wisest investment in Game of War Fire Age.  If you plan to purchase packs in GoW then your first purchase should be the DBC to maximize your investment throughout the month.

If you have further questions concerning the DBC please leave me a comment below!

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