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The Coliseum in Game of War has become a player favorite since it began over a year ago.  It allows players from every Kingdom to join some epic battles among the most talented players.

This time, if you are a Daily Bonus Club member you will receive a free Epic Teleport before every event!

In this article, I explain what is needed to survive the Coliseum, what to expect, and some strategy to make your experience in the Coliseum better.

Coliseum - Fear Fest

coliseum game of war

FearFest Has Arrived!

During this competition, you’ll be able to choose from these teams: Haunted Colossus, Undead Centurion, and Enchanted Athena. These game-wide groupings are NOT based on your Alliance, so choose wisely!

Once you've selected a team, you will be invited to a series of matches in the Coliseum. These Coliseum Kill Events will be brief but far more frequent than usual. For the first time ever, scoring will be TEAM-based. To achieve victory, each team will need to communicate effectively. If your team (not Alliance) earns the most points, it wins.

Each Coliseum Kill Event will last for three hours – to find out when it opens next, watch our blog. Want to get in quickly every time in order to maximize your point-gain? Players in the Daily Bonus Club will get a FREE Coliseum Teleport before each match! Inside the Coliseum, you'll have the opportunity to scare up some INCREDIBLE rewards!  These Collectibles can be traded for the newest Combat Boost Items and fully-crafted Gear – take advantage of Level-6 Collectibles to give your team the winning edge!

Each player on the victorious team takes home a special Avatar Customization and an exclusive Medal they can display on their profile!

FearFest is here – get ready for the most spine-tingling adventure you've had yet! Pick from one of three spooky teams and face incredible thrills and chills in the Coliseum!

Coliseum Events

The events you can expect in the coliseum are similar to those of recent kill events.  You can gain points Monster Game of Warfor hitting monsters, killing enemy troops, and holding the wonder.

Note: To gain entry to FearFest you must first choose a team by purchasing the FearFest pack with the Set FearFest Emblem then select either Athena, Colossus or Undead. Nearly everyone I know has picked Athena, the defending champs.

Pro Tip:  Players are awarded more points for attacking a different team, Enchanted Athena, Undead Centurion, Haunted Colossus in the Coliseum. Many players chose Enchanted Athena, defending champions.  So, if you want to gain an edge in the Coliseum and haven't yet chosen a team, consider choosing a team other than Enchanted Athena.

FearFest is supposed to have an increased number of events. Being aware of how to score points for the current event will increase your potential for success.  I've witnessed players in recent Kingdom vs. Kingdom events trying to rally everyone they see when the most points at the time were awarded for hitting and killing monsters.  By hitting monsters instead of strongholds they would have netted much higher points.

Another event will focus on killing enemy troops.  This is when you want to hit everything to score points. Finally, King of the Hill or Wonder controlling event you gain the most points by holding wonder. This scene will appear much like the Super Wonder.  Dozens of teams will send rallies trying to gain a second or two of control of the Wonder. It will appear chaotic to the untrained eye but all those seconds add up to a victory.  Whoever controls the Wonder the longest amount of time will win the Coliseum event.

Tips for Surviving the Coliseum

Be prepared with a strategy in mind.

TrapsTrap Game of War

If you are playing a trap make sure you know what you can handle.  Permanent gear rally trap safe zone is now nearly 2 billion troop mixed T4/T2 range. You can get by with fewer troops if you decide to be a troop type counter trap.

However, make sure you are certain what the rally leader is using: Bacchus, Artemis, Nike? Do you need an anti core set to stop them?

Check out our these anti core pages:

Anti-Bacchus Core Recipe

Anti-Artemis Core Recipe

Another great trap idea that's on the rise is the health trap.  Basically, it takes the concepts from a Wonder fight, ie. high health and attack debuff, and implements them into a trap design with roughly 50 million troops.  This type of trap requires some nice Wonder cores such as Hera or Lady Justice.

Heroless traps for the bigger players is still viable but since the release of Gear Workshop and additional Gem Set Research, rally leaders are wrecking heroless players up to 40 billion troops.  Beware if you are attempting to play this style of trap!

Also, you will need proper gems. Run through battle scenarios.  Do you have boosts available? Is your warden banner equipped? Do you have 3 max heroes? How badly can you lose before you pull the plug, shield or run?  Set some goals. Let your Alliance know what you are planning to do so they can assist you!

Rally Leaders

If you are a rally leader it's pretty obvious that you're going to need core sets.  Are they ready to go?  Are the gem presets ready for the various sets you plan to use. Have several options ready in case the target is showing Defense Debuff Resistance, aka Kinoichi's Kunai (Black Daggers) or high defense overall. You can check our Gem Preset Research and Set Bonuses article for more information on the recent gem sets that will maximize your core sets.

Also, if you need advice on how to set up your core sets check out the following core pages:

Artemis Core Set

Bacchus Core Set

Nike Core Set

Hera Core Set

Lady Justice Core Set

Also, make sure to use your Battle Mark - Hero Status to ensure the enemy hero is actually home or captured.

First Event Prizes

FearFest Game of War Fire AgeFearFest Game of Warsolo-prize-fearfest


If you are heading to the coliseum, make sure you have a clear strategy and goal in mind, but above all have fun! Understand the limitations of your traps, or of your core set for you rally leaders.  Rally leaders are much stronger than they were just a week or so ago with the addition of Hero 70 which adds another 600% attack and 350% defense debuff.

What strategy will you use? What are some of your goals for this FearFest Coliseum? Let me know in the comments below!

Do you have Hero 70 yet? Check out our Hero 70 Guide!


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