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Best Trap Player in Game of War Nex Score GoW

Who is the best trap player in Game of War?  This is not an easy question to answer.  With so many styles of traps and objective its difficult to determine who is above all else.  However, each kill event we can determine who's the best by simply looking at the scoreboard at the end of the event.  So, how about 1 trillion points!

Best Trap Player in Game of War Nex Score GoW

That's right! Upon hearing a new champion had arrived I took to the trap rooms to try and track this guy down.

I found him and he was willing to provide Game of War Real Tips and interview about his amazing feat of over 1 trillion points in KvK Kill Event.

Interview with [aoX] o NeX o - Best Trap Player in Game of War

Thank you NeX for taking some time to share with our readers your experiences and tips for Game of War trap style play. First, congratulations! How long have you been playing Game of War?

For about 3 years now. I started in Kingdom 184 Akron. Once Ancient Advanced Teleports became available I ported to 418 and joined aoX, Art of Execution. I'm still with aoX, but we are in kingdom 695 now. I started as a rally leader, but sold my account last June, which is when I picked up health trapping.

What made you switch from lead to trap?

The new content was too much to keep up with. I decided to health trap to "save money" but I didn't think I'd actually spend more! It used to be really expensive to health trap.

So I've heard.  Is it still fairly costly to build and operate?

Now days no, it's much much cheaper and with the new wonder cores it's a lot easier to HT. Also, with new buildings like Alchemy and Garrison it helps us out a lot.

Garrison helps?  Many folks believe that building is worthless?

There's a time and place for Garrison. Garrison is helpful for changing troop composition quickly while taking 1 or 2 rallies, but when you have 10 rallies marching on you it loses its value.

Very interesting.

Previously, we had to use customs to HT, but wonder cores have taken the customs out of HT. Which is a good thing, without them we wouldn't be able to HT with all the crazy updates. Cores are up to 22k attack! It's crazy.

What was your previous best?

511 billion during the December Tourney finals.

Game of War Best Trap Player Nex

[aoX] Health Traps Take First And Second In Kill Event

What made this time so different?  Do you think rally leaders in the finals were more cautious to give away points?

I am not sure to be honest, this last KE rally leaders were very aggressive. We went against very active kingdoms so that helped me. Actually there was a lot more T5 rallies. I was still getting hit with T4 in the December tourney. That's that's probably one of the differences.


Another HT in my alliance scored  over 700 billion.

In the same kingdom event?

I placed first in the event and he placed 2nd. Fury.

GoW Fury KVK Score

How to Score 1 Trillion Points

Did you switch anything up between the two kvks?

Well I spent a ton of gold speed training troops. 1.6 billion. Getting that score wasn't cheap. Rallies leads are getting a lot smarter attacking health traps. Timing multiple rallies and solos to fill your beds. Rally hits right after to kill off troops. It's tough staying point positive, but 99% of the time I am positive Traps in my alliance are a tight knit group. We help and watch each other, which is why we do so well. Also, I used reincarnation stone 3 times that event. By the end I had gained 12 billion kills total. I would get to 4 billion then reset.

Learn more about Reincarnation Stones! Wow, so crazy, sounds like it was a blast.

The guy that got 2nd is Fury. He is a rally lead that wasn't finding any good targets so he played his HT instead. That is the 2nd highest score I have ever seen a trap put up.

Amazing two traps in same alliance get two highest scores in game same kvk. So how can players make a trap like yours? Trap like Nex!

I was lucky enough to hit the Orb inferno, my account is very strong. At one point my health heroless was higher than a maxed account heroless. I am all hospitals like most HTs. All my buildings are maxed, level 26, I have 1 of each building, the rest is hospitals. Nothing really special besides orbs, I have max luck on all my buildings and my boosts are very high.

So awesome. I want one!

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Learn the Health Trapping: Starting Guide and Fundamentals.

Breaking the Record

So is this just the beginning for you?  What's next for Nex?

Well, I hit 1 trillion with 8 hours left but I had to sleep. I helped with Super Wonder, Empress Clay, and I was passing a kidney stone this weekend. Omg the pain, I actually went to the hospital the day of KE and missed the first 2 hours of it. But next is 1.5-2 trillion! If I can pull an all nighter I maybe able to hit it, but in the past 3 years I have never pulled an all nighter off. Other than that it's trying to get another SW win for our SW family FUN. You can see how much gold I had left. I had to shield a few times and use speed ups to train back troops, the pain of only 1 barracks.

Wow really you had a crazy weekend bro. We need to have a KE start in a morning for us. This over night stuff is rough. What about these players that are upset that the spotlight is being shown on health traps? Should they be concerned?

No they shouldn't.  It all comes down to the player, if you are a great player you will always be ahead of the masses. This past KE there were a lot of HTs out but I scored my highest score ever.

Thank you for your time NeX.  Real Tips readers I'm sure appreciate being able to celebrate this awesome gaming accomplishment.  You are setting goals, pushing the game limits, reaching and exceeding them!

Look forward to seeing you break your own record in future kill events!

Thanks man, appreciate it.

Advice for Trap Players

What advice do you have for other trap players in the future, some aspiring new trap player reading this article?

  1. Be nice to rally leads, without them we would never get any action.
  2. Practice. Know your account, keeping testing. No one that has put a lot of time into perfecting their game is going to just tell you how to do it, put your own work into it. The HT intro article you did is a great place to start.
  3. Form a small group of other HT's and learn and grow together.
  4. Have balance in your life. Don't spend too much time on the game and get burnt out.

Awesome advice NeX. You are a true leader and champion. Please keep us updated on your progress in Game of War and good luck!

Can you break NeX's ONE TRILLION POINT kill event record?

Learn more about Health Traps.

Let me know in the comments section who you want interviewed next!


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