Bacchus Core Recipe, Set Bonus, Stats

game of war bacchus core set

Here's the freshest news off the grapevine: the intoxicating Bacchus Core Gear set has arrived!

The Bacchus Core Set is plastered with incredible Cavalry stats sure to bring you victory!

Bacchus is a cavalry missile attack set with strong defense debuffs similar to Nike and Artemis.


Bacchus Core Set Recipe

You will need the following piece counts for a full set:

  • Divine Extract - 7
  • Durable Vine - 7
  • Pure Blend - 7
  • Harvest Essence - 7
  • Royal Reserve - 4
  • Thorn Berry - 4
  • Gilded Essence - 1
  • Thorned Stem - 1
  • Mortar and Pestle - 1
  • Garden Honey - 1
  • Satry Blade - 1
  • Fire Spirits - 1

Winegod's Adamance (Helm) - Twisted Horns + Divine Extract, Durable Vine, Pure Blend, Harvest Essence, Gilded Horns, Royal Reserve

Winegod's Rejection (Armor) - Twisted Chestplate + Divine Extract, Durable Vine, Pure Blend, Harvest Essence, Thorned Stem, Thorn Berry

Winegod's Stumble (Feet) - Twisted Hooves + Divine Extract, Durable Vine, Pure Blend, Harvest Essence, Mortar and Pestle, Garden Honey

Winegod's Aggression (Weapon) - Twisted Dagger + Divine Extract, Durable Vine, Pure Blend, Harvest Essence, Satyr Blade, Fire Spirits

Winegod's Desire (Accessory) - Twisted Carafe + Divine Extract, Durable Vine, Pure Blend, Harvest Essence, Royal Reserve, Thorn Berry

Bacchus core set  

Bacchus Core Set Bonus

Bacchus Core Set Base Set Bonus:

  • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Defense Debuff - 260%

Bacchus Core Set Full Set Bonus:

  • Cavalry Attack - 640%
  • Troop Health Debuff - 320%

Bacchus Core Gems

The gems used for Bacchus are dependent on the enemy's gear. Most likely, you will want to maximize attack or defense debuff.  Cavalry attack is best because it avoids being debuffed by Troop Attack Debuff boost that the target will typically be using.


  • Special
    • Devastation - 35% Defense Debuff
    • Heartbreaker - 25% Defense Debuff
    • Leap Year - 35% Attack
  • Regular
    • Leap Year - 35% Defense Debuff
    • Voyager - 25% Defense Debuff
    • Horseman Gem - 35% Cavalry Attack
    • Saddle Gem - 17.5% Cavalry Attack, 17.5% Defense Debuff
    • Gem of Torment - 12.5% Cavalry Attack, 12.5% Defense Debuff
    • Cavalry Gem - 25% Attack
    • Pot-o-Gold - 17% Attack, 17.5% Defense Debuff
    • Torment - 15% Cavalry Attack, 15% Defense Debuff

Bacchus Core Skills

Skills chosen from Bacchus should maximize attack and debuffs, as well as, base and full set bonus.  Key skills are the following:

  • Base Set Bonus
  • Full Set Bonus
  • Cavalry Attack I, II, III
  • Defense Debuff
  • Health Debuff
  • Rally Attack Bonus
  • Altar Attack
  • Troop Attack (Hero 65)

Depending on your Hero level you may have remaining points which can be placed into Troop Health or Cavalry Health which will give your rally penetration power into the target.  However, you will want to maximize attack and any debuffs you can skill first.

See an example of Bacchus Hero Skill Tree for Hero 60.

Bacchus Core Stats

Bacchus has stats similar to that of Artemis Core Set but for Cavalry.

A typical but not perfect Bacchus Core Set Stats:

  • Combined Cavalry and Troop Attack - 8,300%
  • Defense Debuff - 2,150%
  • Health Debuff - 2,000%
  • Attack Debuff - 1,500%
  • Individual Defense Debuff - 700%
  • Individual Health Deubff - 400%
  • Individual Attack Debuff - 570%

Bacchus Core Strategy

Bacchus Core Set should be used as a cavalry missile rally set.  This means you should always send all Cavalry troops with this core set.

The use of Defense Debuff gems or Attack is subject to debate and dependent on your targets gear.  Generally, if the target is using Kinoichi's Kunai that improves defense debuff resistance then it is a good idea to maximize attack to overcome the targets lack of overall defense.

Good luck out there!



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