Anti Artemis Core Set: Stats, Recipe, and Gems

anti artemis core set game of war

Artemis Ranged Missile Cores in Game of War provide incredible power and will devastate unprepared traps. Don't be a victim, be prepared with our Anti Artemis Core Set!

Every powerful nemesis in life has the perfect counter or anti-nemesis.  Game of War is no different.  Traps must adapt as new items, cores, research, and buildings come out; to continue to oppose their nemesis, the rally leader. Artemis core set is no different.

We dismantle Artemis one stat at a time to design the perfect counter core recipe to stop it!

Normal Artemis Core Stats

These cores are nasty with the following stats:

  • 7,500% Attack - 2,000% more than Nike core set
  • 2,000% Defense Debuff (with proper gems)
  • 500% Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Defense Debuff
  • 1,500% Attack Debuff

Capping Artemis heroes will be a problem for many traps if they aren't prepared. So lets break down the cores and develop a plan to beat it.

Defeating the Artemis Core Set

Artemis core set has high attack and defense debuff with some specific troop defense debuff.  To overcome this set we must get our Infantry Defense and Troop Defense high enough to thwart the devastating impact of its power.

First off, the attack is just nasty, at 7,500%!

The 7,500% is broken down into:

  • 4,500% Ranged Attack
  • 3,000 Troop Attack.

So that high ranged attack is going to really hurt your infantry.

Step 1: Make Sure Cores Have High Infantry and Troop Defense

The main counter to a high ranged attack core set is infantry defense.  Infantry Defense stat is more difficult to debuff than general troop defense with this set.  With only 500% Infantry Defense Debuff but 2,000% Troop Defense Debuff.  The gems worn by the Rally leader will also be high in Troop Defense Debuff, while Infantry Defense is relatively small.  Therefore, it is much easier to overcome Artemis using Infantry Defense rather than trying to stack general Troop Defense.

Note: Another way to counter attack in general is by adding attack debuff (AD). However, for a trap it is harder to stack AD to make much of an impact on such an incredibly high amount of attack as that found in Artemis. So, while it helps, its not really a priority.  Remember, when making custom counter core sets you have a limited number of pieces, cores and gems in which to maximize your counter.  Using attack debuff over infantry defense or troop defense is not a good idea.

Step 2: Add Enough Attack to Our Set to Ensure the Full March Dies

We must add enough attack to counter Artemis' insane attack debuff.  This will prove to be the biggest issue. The high attack debuff allows troops to survive the rally and return to the rally leader with a battle report.  Then the leader will know exactly the strengths and still worse, the weaknesses of your trap.  This is why step 2 is adding enough attack to ensure the full march dies and one lives to tell the tale!

How to Add Attack To Kill Full March

The more troops you have the less attack you will need. So, for relatively smaller traps, a few options are available.

First, add one cavalry attack gem to each core instead of a gem that adds 12.5% or 17.5% defense. Adding a 25% cavalry gem alone will give 175% more attack.  We can also pick cores that give cavalry attack and still help us with defense. If you are winning the rally but not killing full march, another option would be to use attack boost over defense boost. The last option would be to add an attack piece or two into the recipe. Like I said before the amount of attack required will be based on your troop numbers.

Countering High Defense Debuff

The final thing we will focus on is the incredibly high defense debuff.  Research plays a huge role in countering Troop Defense Debuff.  The Defense tree provides great defense debuff resistance and that alone will allow you to resist 20%. The next option will be to just have so much defense that the debuff wont matter( and with this recipe we just might). And lastly you can always use one kunai to give you 50% DDR.

Anti Artemis Core Set Recipe

Now down to the good stuff.. The recipe and stats: Pieces

  • Broken Antler - High Defense
  • Brass key - Troop and Infantry Defense.
  • Earth Icon - High Defense
  • Paper Dart - High Infantry Defense
  • Persephone Brush - High I/R/C/ Defense
  •  Underworld Plating (Purple) - I/R/C  Note: This piece is somewhat rare and purple pieces still get the job done with over 6,000% defense.


  • Spring Helm - Infantry and Troop Defense
  • Samurai Armor - Infantry and Troop Defense
  • Red Scale Boots - Health and Defense
  • Nine Dragon Trident Weapon -  Cav attack, Troop defense, Infantry defense
  • Turtle Shield Accessory - Infantry and Troop Defense
  • Firecrackers Accessory - Defense




anti artemis cores


And always the FIRECRACKERS.

Anti Artemis Core Set Stats

  • Infantry Defense - 2,300% Infantry Defense while still giving cav/range defense in case they send Nike or Ares), and
  • Troop Defense - 3,800%
  • Combined Troop Defense - 6,100% . which leaves plenty of room to adds a Kunai or an attack piece or 2.
  • Attack Debuff - 500%, which will also help out with the loses.

And, with this set having 1300 cav/ran defense with just a little adjustments it can be used to counter Ares or Nike as well. #realblackholecores.

anti artemis core set stats anti artemis core set stats 2 anti artemis core set stats 3

This set was crafted on 5bil account with Vip 18, no lvl 22 buildings and using very basic gems, so exact stats can be matched and beaten depending on gems available to you.

Gems for Anti Artemis Core Set

anti artemis core set gems

I used very common gems that I'm sure everyone has.  I wanted to create a counter by a trap for a trap. So equipped and boosted we are looking at some serious stuff here.

Well I think that just about covers everything, and I hope you enjoyed it.  To receive future counter core updates take a moment subscribe to our mailing list!

Thank you for reading!

Blind Eagle, aka Admiral44


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