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Anniversary Colossus Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, Strategy

anniversary colossus set game of war

If you're like me and have been waiting for the upgraded Frostlord set to be released, then our wait is over!  The 2016 Anniversary Colossus Set provides massive balanced defense!  Imperial Dragon wasn't bad,  Golden Shogun gave us specific troop defense, and Paladin of Sola felt like a disappointment...  But Colossus is the real deal for any defense junkie in Game of War!  Its a perfect balance of troop specific and general defense that the two previously released sets lacked.

Goliath's Colossal Stats

When I talk to people about stats required to be an effective trap I mention troop defense, troop attack debuff, specific troop defense, and defense debuff resistances.  This gear set has most of this save resistances, but with the substantial defense, daggers is an option.  First lets look at what the full set provides us with typical research and gems included:

  • Troop Specific Defense: +2500%
  • Troop Defense: +1903%
  • Combined Defense: +4403%
  • Troop Attack Debuff: +203%
  • Specific Troop Attack Debuff: 275%
  • Combined Troop Attack Debuff: +478%

Anniversary Colossus Gear Set Bonuses

Goliath's Colossus set bonuses provide a wide array of boosts:

  • Enemy Ranged/Cav/Inf Attack Debuff
  • Inf/Cav/Ranged Defense
  • March Speed Debuff

Anniversary Colossus Set Stats Anniversary Colossus Set Stats 2 Anniversary Colossus Set Stats 3

The base and full set bonuses are excellent for this set.  It provides a balanced amount of specific and general troop defense for the set.

Colossus and Defense Debuff Resistance

If defense debuff is what concerns you then you can use two Kinoichi Kunai and still have plenty of defense with this set.  However, the full set will be difficult to debuff because of the split defense type of general and troop specific when using the full set.

The following is an example of two daggers with Colossus:

anniversary colossus set

Special thanks to K474 (73V) Surf Board/Eternal Zen for stats and images.

Colossus with Two Kinoichi Kunai Stats

The following stats assumes you have the Defense Research Tree complete:

  • Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry Defense: +1100%
  • Troop Defense: +1800%
  • Combined Defense: +2900%
  • Troop Defense Debuff Resistance: +80%
  • Specific Troop Defense Debuff Resistance: +30% 

You will have to play around with this set and see which holds up better against the enemy rally.  It is great to have an option.  Many rally leaders are using preset gems for maximum attack when they see daggers and defense debuff gems when they don't.

The results of defending with this set have been very positive so far without even using daggers.  It will be a popular wonder holding set as well.

Have you crafted this set and taken some rallies?  How do you like it?



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