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The Alliance City is a Trap and Siege Troops Will Be Essential

alliance city combat

Alliance City combat was just released in Game of War's BETA server, and something about them is very peculiar. Most notably the fact that are essentially one giant trap account when you look at the way they are designed.  The City is completely made up of Traps and Turrets. Two walls exist in the City, and understanding the difference between these two walls are key to understanding how combat will work.

alliance city combat

Why the Alliance City is a Trap

If you look at your Alliance City in game you will notice that two walls exist an Inner Wall and Outer Wall.

The outer wall holds the equivalent of “Stronghold Traps” and the inner wall holds our traps which will be the Alliance City troops, of which there is no limit.

Let me make this very clear,  Alliance City combat will be a battle between Alliance City Traps and your Alliance's siege weaponry.  You will most likely donate siege weapons to rally a City.

So why should you care that Alliance Cities are full of traps?

Because you have no siege, that's why. Siege troops have been useless in Game of War for quite some time. Alliance city combat

The purpose of the recent Wild and Strategic Siege tree is now clear.  It is not a bunch of useless siege unlocks with a couple additional debuff researches tucked away in it.  It now appears that this tree will become extremely important once Alliance City Combat goes live.  Siege troops will soon be required in the quantity of 100s of millions!

Alliance City Combat Coming Very Soon

Alliance City combat will likely be released sooner than we expect. Lately, Game of War has been pushing features through the Beta server with blistering speed.

For example, Monster capture was in Beta only a few weeks before it was released in live Game of War and Stronghold 22/23 came at us quite quickly too.

Alliance Leaders Be Ready

A note to Alliance leaders looking to stay ahead in their Kingdom’s Might leaderboard: start communicating to your Alliance rally leaders and rally contributors the need for siege.  The new Wild and Strategic Siege Tree is not easy, but if started early it can be manageable.

Turrets, traps, and other research in the City should also be a high priority.  Traps must be unlocked by research first then built. Furthermore, it is unclear if Alliance Cities will have shields available, but I imagine there will be.

Good luck!



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