Alchemy Lab: Upgrade Requirements and Crafting Guide

Alchemy Lab 26 GoW

Construct an Alchemy Lab to craft potions which provide an assortment of boosts.  Mix one vial and up to six ingredients to develop a concoction which provides various combat boosts.

Potions are active for varying durations of up to 3 days at max Alchemy Lab level.

Alchemy Lab requires an Alchemist's Tome and Philosopher's Tome.  At max level you can add up to 6 ingredients to create even more powerful Potions.

Alchemy Lab 26 provides Potion Max Range Boost of 600%.

Alchemy Lab 26 Upgrade Requirements

Alchemy Lab Upgrade Requirements

Alchemy Lab Potions

With the Alchemy Lab,  Game of War players become witches and wizards, crafting their potions to achieve greatness. Below is insight into the world of potion crafting.

Wonder Potion

Wonder potions should be crafted with the following priority:

  1. Attack
  2. Attack Debuff
  3. Health
  4. Health Debuff.

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Other Key Items Include:
  • Heroic Insignias x 10,000,000
  • Full Jiao Dragon Set Gear
  • Fire Shards x 120,000
  • VIP Points x 5 trillion
  • Full Nian Core Set Chest x 3
  • Butcher Attack Gem Set x 7
  • 250,000,000,000 Ore, Stone, Wood
  • 125,000,000,000 Silver, Food

Crafting Potions in Game of War

How do I craft great potions?

To craft potions you simply add a vial, similar to a core in Forge, then add ingredients, similar to pieces in core crafting. You can sort the vials and ingredients by Attack, Health, Defense, and Specific Troop Type.

The resulting stats on potions will vary drastically. Its a good idea to "roll" potions. What I mean by this is craft several in a row to get a desired stat.

What gear do I use and in what order should I add ingredients?

No gear sets are yet released for potion crafting.  However, some players believe wearing Salvager's or Blacksmithing gear will help you achieve greater stats.  It doesn't hurt to try wearing these when crafting.

The only certainty to improve potions is to max your Alchemy Lab and use the Hero 74 skill:

Potion Skill

The above skill provides 400% increase on the maximum range of the potion boost.  This does not guarantee a 400% improvement in potions with Hero 74.  Instead, it simply increases the potential of a better potion.  The same is true of increase Alchemy Lab.

Alchemy Lab Information

Well, at Hero 72, the way I craft potions to get highest stats possible is craft wonder potions the following way:

Wonder Attacking Potion Recipe Example


Crystal/Frostfire - Troop Attack


  • Lizard Eye - Troop Attack: 118-133%
  • Spider Fangs - Troop Attack 59-67% and Health Debuff 59-67%
  • Raven Claw - Troop Attack 59-67% and Defense Debuff 59-67%
  • Snake Tongue - Troop Health 152-172%
  • Ogre Femur - Defense 51-58% and Health 118-133%
  • Lock of Hair - Defense 51-58% and Health debuff 85-96%

Note: Players believe crafting in Salvagers or Blacksmith provides the best results.

Wonder Potion Alchemy Lab Game of War: Fire Age  Wonder Potion Alchemy Lab Game of War

Holding Wonder Potion Recipe Example


Prismatic - Health 169%-191%


  • Lizard Eye: Troop Attack 118-133%
  • Spider Fangs: Troop Attack 59-67% and Health Debuff 59-67%
  • Rat Tail: Troop Attack Debuff 118-133%
  • Snake Tongue: Troop Health 152-172%
  • Ogre Femur: Defense 51-58% and Health 118-133%
  • Lock of Hair: Defense 51-58% and Health Debuff 85-96%

Missile Attack Potions - One Troop Type Potions

A missile attack or rally is when you send all one troop type to maximize the stats of one specific troop type. A missile attack potion will be crafted in the same fashion.

You want individual and overall troop attack with defense debuff. With Hero 72, I'm getting over 1k attack and 370 dd. I craft it using (Salvagers/Blacksmith).

I'm getting similar stats that a Hero 74 receives by using a crafting technique I have discovered.

I've discovered that if I use a certain sequence of ingredients I can maximize stats.

When crafting you want to put individual attack for missile i.e inf, Cav, Range, then add troop attack, attack, and dd.

I started crafting this way along with several others and it provides the highest stats possible at my current level.

Editor's Note: Crafting potions are so random currently that it doesn't hurt to try different sequences and gear sets to see if you can achieve greater results more often.  If you've discovered a sequence or tactic please leave us a comment below. When crafting normal gear could be done using items in a sequence manually, people were convinced using Legendary items first ensured the item would come out Gold.  This may be a similar theory when crafting potions.  Give it a shot and get back to me!

Defense, Heroless, Health Trap and Trap Potions

Defense traps and health traps are our biggest scorers in kvks. The potions you guys will need to look at are defense, health, attack debuff, and health debuff. At lab level 21 you will be able to run a potion like this for three days. The duration makes potions worth investing in.

As a recap, add all defense in first and then pack health, attack debuff, and health debuff.

Visit our Potion Recipe page for various potion recipes custom and Mz secret recipes.

Infantry Potion Recipes

Special thanks to Snakeeyes(MDV) for amazing insight for this article.  For additional crafting and other GoW related questions, you may find Snakeeyes on Line App: "Snakeeys401".


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